A little of this, a little of that and: move to Ottawa!

I like asking for advice.  I was going to put people after asking but then I realized that that is pretty obvious.  I don’t ask cows for advice or lemons or beef stew.  Just people.  Oh and only folks who are alive and not in comas or otherwise distracted by their own lives.  For example, say someone calls me up and tells me that to her complete and utter horror, her husband has left her to move to Raleigh,  North Carolina with another woman.    At that point, I would not ask for advice.  I would not say, “Gosh, that is awful.  Do you have any job finding advice for me?”  No, I would not do that.

Or say I’m on an airplane going to say London.  Well, I  wouldn’t be now because I can’t afford it and really it is rather cold there now.  But say I’m on the Air Transat plane, and a teenager is seated at the back of the plane, soundly sleeping with headphones on listening to, I don’t know, Drake (Who was on Degrassi: The Next Generation don’t you know).  And there is really bad turbulence and the captain has ordered everyone to remain in their seats, even if they have to have to have to go to the washroom.  (What if you have diarrhea?).  Anyway, in that situation I would not get up, stumble to the back of the plane and poke the teenager until he woke up and asked him if he had any advice for me.  No, no,

I have found myself asking friend and the like for job search advice.  I find that most people (myself included) like to offer a sage word or two.

A few folks have been rather insistent that I would have a much easier time if I moved to Ottawa.  Why Ottawa I’m not sure.  Now, I’ve been there and it is perfectly lovely.  My sister and my niece live there.  Government folk work there.  They have that nice canal.  But still, no.  Being from Winnipeg,  I’ve done the cold.  And . . . no.  Another friend is currently teaching in Saudi Arabia.  She insists that I could handle this and to come on over and teach with her.  I’m immensely flattered by her thinking I could do this and she is a cool, hip, cool woman who in her other life is a popular Vancouver DJ.  This one I’m vaguely considering.

Others have moved out of the admittedly ridiculously overpriced Vancouver into smaller BC towns and also think that this is a good option for me.  But . . . no.

Interesting ideas though.

Others repeatedly tell me a career transition course or a job search club is the way to go.  Volunteer, says my good friend.  These last few I will consider.

When one is job searching, one needs support.  That is true.

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