A fun lunch time

One of my mottos during this time of unemployment is:  DON’T SPEND MONEY.  It’s a good motto really.  However, I don’t necessarily seem to be following it.  It’s hard really – I mean, you still have to like, live.  What I really should do when I know I’m going to be out around meal times is bring something with me – a sandwich,  a carrot, a granola bar, a raw steak, a piglet; that kind of thing.

But I seem not to do this.  Anyway, today I went down to the car co-op to sign up.  It turned out to be a bit of a wasted trip as I don’t get the credit till I get the confirmation letter in two weeks time.  Oops, it was all a glitch and an oversight but never mind, I got my fob and all the information I needed.

Now I find out this morning that a friend I hadn’t seen in a long time, B. is also unemployed.  We’ve been facebooking around but I for some reason hadn’t realized that he is also unemployed.  “We should go for coffee sometime,”  I said to him.  The next thing I know, we are locking our bikes up downtown and heading over to a food court.  Eeek, this is the second lunch out I’ve bought myself in two days.  And it was Taco Time.  Taco Salad in an edible bowl.  Really lettuce with a few pieces of ground beef but THE BOWL IS EDIBLE.  Edible, tasty fat.  Since I now mumble things out loud that I used to be able to keep only in my head, the Taco Time guy heard me say, “Wow, this has gotten more expensive.”  Where was I from, he asked, I think not understanding why I was shocked by the price increase.  For some reason I thought he thought that I was from South America.  I launched into a fairly lengthy, well, originally from Winnipeg but in Vancouver for a long time spiel.  He assured me that tacos on Tuesdays are still only 99 cents if I should happen to be in the area.

I am now bloated from the edible bowl.

Anyway, B. and I had a really fun time hanging out.  I never realized for some reason that we share the same sort of dark senss of humour.  We snorted, chortled, snortled and the like.  It was fun and relaxing.  We are going to meet up again some time soon I think.

“I admit I shall be bitter when you get a job before me,”  I told him, my shaky little hands picking up pieces of lettuce and edible bowl.

It was a nice little piece of support during this difficult time.

2 thoughts on “A fun lunch time

  1. Hey Karen, lunch with you was awesome-sauce – with a little bit of nutrition in the lettuce. Not too much nutrition but enough to pretend that we were being healthy. After all, if pizza is a vegetable, why not Taco Time? Next time, we’ll definitely plan a little better and do it on the cheap. B <- yes, that guy.

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