Brother, can you spare a job?

Remember that old Depression era tune.  Some of it goes like this:

‘Once I built a railroad.  Made it run, made it race against time.  Now the railroad’s finished.

Brother, can you spare a dime?” 

My father would sing that to my sister and I when we were small.  I mean the poor guy made the railroad race against time!  And now it is finished! – That is Tom Wait’s version.

Today I used the car co-op for the first time.  I had an appointment in West Van – although it ended up being a bit of a bust and I could have skipped it.  Nonetheless, I booked the car for a good amount of time and did some errands and North Shore librarying.  My plan is not to use a car for more than 8 or so hours a week in total as that way I can use my credit for quite a long time.  It was realy nice to drive a car – in this case a 2005 Toyota Corolla – that had such good working brakes!  It took me a little while to get used to how different a well running car is to drive.  I’d had some practice with the great little Nissan Sentra I drove when I was in Winnipeg in October.  It’s an entirely more stable feeling really.  Although when I pressed on the gas sometimes from a dead stop, the car skidded a bit on the wet roads but I think this was mainly because I probably had to press down so hard on the gas of my old car.  And then I got back an hour early and so had to pay a bit less.  I dropped off the car and walked the 10 minutes home.  No fuss, no muss, no more responsibility.  Very nice.

I think it was a good decision to scrap the car, particularly in light of my unemployment.

I think I would love to start my own business. Now, how I can get one off the ground that is viable, I’m not sure.  But what a great thing that would be.  As I say, it is draining sending out resume after resume and hearing nothing.  De-humanizing in a way.

One of our writers’ group members took a lovely group photo of us last night.  He then proceeded to take endless candid shots, something I wasn’t really a fan of.  I’m not a fan of seeing photos of myself, especially ones that show I rather desperately need a new bra.

I was very sorry to hear that George Michael is very ill. My favourite song of his:

3 thoughts on “Brother, can you spare a job?

  1. Latest news says that George Michael is on the mend. But you still shouldn’t let him drive your co-op car because he is currently under a five-year ban.

  2. Quick note – if you bring a co-op car back early, you pay less only if someone else books it. Mind you, if you’re a casual user that may not apply (you are, aren’t you?).

    Oh, and it’s too bad you didn’t say, “My friend Moish referred me” because “If you refer a new member to us, you will receive a $20 referral credit on your account.” Drat.

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