Hot dog

1 Dec

Ate lunch out again today but this time at a simple hotdog cart downtown.  J. from my writers’ group – she is not working at the moment either – and I went to check out a career fair that was actually only for bored looking bussed in high school students.  We weren’t too impressed by the schools displaying their stuff annd didn’t think they did much of anything to attract teens.  We scored a pen with a highlighter though.  J. got a bag from Langara but the guy really really didn’t want to give it to her.  Sheesh, ageism.

Never mind, it was held in the swanky Vancouver Convention Centre.  It was a really nice day outside for the end of November – sunny, sunny, with just an edge of crispy coolness.  Vancouver now has food carts – a la Portland (but not as many).  J. tried one out, had a lovely pita sorta Middle Eastern thing.  Me?  I had a 100% all beef hotdog from another vendor.  Oy, it is hard not to spend money.

J. is worried that I’ll use all my savings up and be homeless. It happens quickly, she says, and she is absolutely right.  She has a back up for me, a friend who lives in North Delta who is willing and able to take me in at a reasonable rent.  It’s nice to have a back up, although the transportation costs of to and fro-ing might be a bit much.  But still, a comfort.

I don’t think I’m in denial about this used up savings thing, not really anyway. I’ve always thought that my friends wouldn’t let me become homeless, that surely I have a safeguard there.  But that is not a situation I want to have to test, of course. 



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