Not every day can be sunshine and lollipops, people

2 Dec

Like today.  Today has felt like a long, unemployed day.  The temperature and the clouds are low.  Well, the temperature is low for Vancouver but not, of course, for the rest of the country.  Being from Winnipeg, I know for cold.  Cold so cold that for a few minutes you actually forget you are cold.  Cold that is so cold that it almost does a 180 and becomes hot.  So you could be walking down the street when it is -40C + windchill and be like, ”Wow, it is hot here like Hawaii.  I think I will lie down and take a nice nap.”  And then you die of hypothermia.  It’s just one of those things.

So Vancouver temperature does not compete.  But still, cold is cold and wet cold is wet cold.  You feel it in your bones.  Brrrr.  Nonetheless, I rode my bike up the UBC hill.  I haven’t exercises in several days,  other than a few short bike rides.  It is good for me although I note that in the cold, my muscles can seize up a bit and then I limp for awhile.  Still, it was a nice and free thing to do.  Of course then I stopped at Book Warehouse and could not resist buying the latest New Yorker, which is silly as I cancelled the subscription to save money.  The subscription is actually a very good deal – like 1/4 of the cover price. The library near me gets The New Yorker but the latest copies take awhile to be there and I’m reading obsessed.

Phew, I saved people from having to comment about the library.  I appreciate that people like to share with me what they think I don’t know.  Fair enough, I do too.  But sometimes, me being me, it just irks me. Like, I KNOW THAT ALREADY.  Although, really, sometimes I don’t know the more obvious things like what a leek looks like.  Tracy taught me that one.

This morning I visited with Beth my minister.  This probably sounds way more religious or spiritual than it is.  Beth is our new United Church minister in our wee united church.  She is the interim minister for two years, brought in after our long term clergy person left.  After two years, it will be decided if our wee church is still viable.  Churches are dying out somewhat, mainstream ones anyway.  I think evangelical churches are growing but that is a whole other story.  That is a story that is so other and so laden with my opinions that it would probably alienate a section of my wee wee fanbase.  Anyway,  the United Church seems to be about the most liberal Christian church you can attend, so I can cope with that.  The new minister is quite awesome and she often allows me plop my butt on a chair in her office and say, “I DON’T HAVE A JOB.”  Well, of course now she knows that as I’ve said it so darned often.  Thus she could rightly say, I KNOW THAT ALREADY.

Today is the community lunch hosted by our wee church and the wee Anglican church that share the building.  It’s for anyone down on their luck or homeless or whatever.  So today she and I went.  Twas good food.  We made sure there was enough food so that we didn’t actually take it right out of the mouths of potentially homeless folks.

I have a friend, J., different from the J of yesterday.  Okay, so J2.  She was unemployed for quite awhile until very recently.   People just don’t get it, she said to me, unless they have been through it.  And she is so so right.  Even if your partner or your mother or you friend’s cousin’s uncle has been through it, it is not the same as really getting it.  And that is one of the reasons I’m trying to build up wee fanbase – to get a dialogue going.  But even if you are gainfully employed or rich or both or have never even had to ride the bus, please keep reading!  Please, for the love of Sister Wives and Mary Tyler Moore re-runs, keep reading. 

Tis December.


One Response to “Not every day can be sunshine and lollipops, people”

  1. B December 2, 2011 at 3:04 am #

    I’m confused about something. How does Tracy know to tell you the obvious things that you don’t know? Something I’m not confused about. It is irking to be told the same thing repeatedly, especially when I don’t have a job to distract me. I KNOW THAT ALREADY.

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