You may ask yourself

5 Dec

You may ask yourself – “Hey, does the writer of this blog take the bible literally?”


That is apropos of nothing, just thought if I had the bible as one of my tags maybe I could up the readership a bit.

I’m still sleeping poorly and I’m not quite sure how to fix this.  I find that I can fall asleep just fine but I wake up in the middle of the night and don”t really go back to sleep. 

Also, I’m finding that all food kinda bores me.  Weird.  Like I just can’t be bothered to eat.  But then I generally have a sugar crash or find myself napping.

Oh, the vicious circle.  The vicious vicious circle.

I see – since I check, uh, obsessively, that I have had 30 views today.  Good, good, great.  Feel free to comment, people!

Oooh, the teaser for today on Anderson Cooper.  He says to a woman, “So you went in for a scar removal and came out with a botched tummy tuck.”  Oh I love this so much.  So so so much.  Not Soap Opera Digest much, but close.

Oh my gosh this woman went in to get injections to have fuller cheeks and came out with what looks like rocks in her mouth! Poor dear.  Is she able to work?  What if she is looking for a job, say doing a mid-life career change, how difficult will this be for her? Oh, this poor woman.  Oh and she is a transgendered woman.  Well, heck, this can’t be easy.

I have hit the wall looking for jobs online.  There isn”t much out there and what there is requires 400+ years of experience.  I realize that things may turn around a bit in January but really, I think I’m having to look toward ESL again.


I think I will live in magical thinking/denial for awhile longer.  My EI is running out in 2 weeks but I get to apply again based on what I worked this past year.  I will have to wait a month or so and what I do get, if I get anything, won’t be much.  So, I’m not panicking only because I have some savings.  That is the only reason I am not freaking out more.

I talked to T. today for the first time in awhile.

“You should call me more,”  I tell her,”For goodness sakes I am your unemployed friend.  You must check up and see if I am alright,” I inform her.

“Karen, since I’ve known you, I don’t think you’ve ever said you were alright,” she replies.

“Well,” I snort, “Be that as it may, it would behoove you to, to -”

“Let’s gossip about other people we know,” she suggests.

“Oh okay, yeah, good, good.”

So that ended up being a fun conversation.  I then went to Kits. Beach and walked with B.  We laughed once again and chortled and snortled.

Oh this poor woman on Anderson Cooper went in for a  two for the price of one cosmetic surgery and they totally wrecked her tummy tuck.  She can’t work or play with her children very much.  Seems she had a terrible infection and had to have part of her stomach skin removed.  No!

I would like to be on this Anderson Cooper show.  “Today on Anderson, a (very near) middle-aged unemployed, bored woman who doesn’t find food interesting anymore. Her blog became her life.”

Thank goodness I still like (uh, obsess over) reading.  Phew.

It is okay to leave comments, people. No pressure, but it will give me a reason to carry on, to get up (late) in the morning, to keep writing, to eat, to snortle.




2 Responses to “You may ask yourself”

  1. Beth December 6, 2011 at 4:32 am #

    When exactly does middle age begin? I mean: is it a state of mind or a fact of your birthyear? And when speaking of a job search, do potential employers use a “middle age” lesns to weed out unsuitable candidates? I, for one, intend to skip middle age: yup I’m going to skip right from youthful vibrance to senior elegance. That oughta keep me employable for a good long time.

    • B December 8, 2011 at 1:11 pm #

      I like what Oscar Wilde had to say about the ages, “The old believe everything; the middle-aged suspect everything; the young know everything.” Me? Middle-aged since my mid-thirties.

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