well, well

6 Dec

To my shock and oh happy happy joy joy (kinda tamped down though by another lousy night of sleep, sheesh) I received an e-mail this morning from a national alternative magazine. (not the Walrus)   I’d e-mailed them my ‘EI,EI,O” opinion piece as almost a last minute thing after having been ignored by several other media outlets.

  The editor was extremely interested in it and in my doing some interviews, etc,, getting more facts and really flushing it out.

She wants a 2-3,000 word piece by the end of December and wants to publish it in the March-April 2012 issue! 

This is awesome!  And terrifying!  And awesome!  The pay is not great but that’s not what I care about.  It is the exposure, it really is. 

So today, I’ve already done a few phone interviews and getting more of the piece together.  The most difficult, of course, will be trying to get someone from the Ministry of Social Development to talk to me but we’ll see how that goes.

Again, this is not a job obviously and it won’t pay any of my bills but it is the kind of piece I want to write  and the magazine is very well respected.  One of the interviews I did today is with the owner of FutureWorks and since I am signed up with FutureWorks she had a look at my resume.

“This resume does absolutely nothing for you.”  She informed me.  I love her because she was super honest about her opinions for my article and now about my resume.  THIS IS THE KIND OF FEEDBACK I HAVE BEEN WANTING.  She gave me some ideas but then had to get off of the phone to another call but may get back to me.  Either way, I have some new ideas.  She is an expert in the area.  It’s remarkable – I have been job hunting for three months, have even seen a couple of employment counsellors who gave me so so feedback on my resume and this is the first time someone gave me some real and helpful feedback.  Sheesh, you really really have to dig. 

So a bit of good news.


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