Mini-Coupe and such

9 Dec

Trying to remember to breathe.  Some days are harder than others that way.   I also up and down my blood sugar levels  a lot – a cinnamon bun at 11 cause I am starving (great cinnamon bun) and then a small sandwich later . . . .  hmmm.  I’m not diabetic but I think that I should make a greater effort to eat regularly and maybe not just sugar and salt filled stuff.  A revelation.

Anyway, this morning I headed over to my wee church to see my wee (well she is quite small) minister, Beth.  It’s Advent and such so she is extra extra busy.  But she made some time and off we went to the Wired Monk cafe for their great cinnamon buns.  It’s annoying, because for some reason I never have any real cash when we go out and do these kinds of things so she either pays or I end up digging to the bottom of my change.  Thankfully today I found some change.  Otherwise it feels icky to me – I actually don’t want the wee minister of my wee United Church paying for me.  It seems though that you can’t pay with debit for just a cinnamon bun, go figure that. 

Oh goodness there are 2 young parents on the news right now with their wee baby who has cancer.  SNIFFLE.  Oh little Lily Jean. Sniffle.  Friends in a band have written a hit song to help raise support.The song is called “Pray for LJ and is available on I-Tunes.”  Sniffle.   Oh goodness she has to have more surgeries and chemos.  Oh and now Nickelback is giving 50,000 to BC Children’s Hospital.    Seriously, why is it allowed that little babies get cancer?

Sorry, tangent.

I think being a minister would be difficult and challenging for many reasons.  I mean, first, you have to deal with people all the time. And you have to be generally nice and approachable all the time (although some would argue that about, uh, earlier ministers we’ve had but why delve into that).  And then can you be friends with the people in the congregation, can you like spill your entire being out to them?  Beth noted she wasn’t being very ministerial with me today.  With my face full of cinnamon bun, I said that wasn’t what I was looking for.  And I swore again!  Dang it, such a bad bad habit that I never ever ever do in the workplace.

What else?  Later in the day I decided to spend more of my Car Co-op credit and went to North Van to see the Maggie and her two wee wee children.  Another friend who uses the car co-op had told me that the nearby Mini-Coupe was great.  I walked the  15 minutes to it.  I loved the look of it, it’s so mini and so cute. And yet . . . I didn’t feel that comfortable driving it.  I guess I would get used to it but for now, I”ll stick with the co-ops Corollas and such.  Actually, I need to stick with the bus and my bike as my credit is dwindling rather quickly.

Wow, I feel that I should make some kind of grand statement about the state of the world so that people will stay interested.  Hmmm.  Hmmmm.  Okay – “Soap operas are doing dramatically better ratings-wise in Latin America than in the U.S.  Discuss.”


“Now that Maggie’s 2 year old has discovered how to get out of her crib by herself (discovered when I got there), Maggie is worried this will mess with their evening routine.”  Discuss.

And finally:

“What is up with the Republican party?  Is Newt Gingrich really going to be the one to run against Obama?  What is up with that?”

Oh and one more:

“What is Stephen Harper doing to this country and when will he stop?”

Oh!!!!!  And thanks to a generous financial Christmas present from my parental units I am: a) able to get through January without financial worries and b) re-subscribe to the New Yorker!   I will be getting my first new issue at the beginning of January the New Yorker woman on the phone said but the online archive should be available to me before that.  The months without the New Yorker has left too big a hole in my brain.

And thanks for your continued reading.  I had 48 views yesterday, my all time high!  Of course I realize that some people may be clicking in more than once but you know, still.  I obsessively feel the need to get up to 1,000 views a day.  Together, we can do it, people. 

And finally, finally.  I don’t think there are any new episodes of Grey’s Anatomy until January.  How do they get away with this!


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