Only 980 views away from getting 1,000 today

9 Dec

Go, people, we can do this!!!!! Now that is 980 unique views,  I wouldn’t want anyone getting carpal tunnel from repeated clicking.

Click, click, clickety-click.



Another lovely sunny and brisk day here today on the Canadian west coast.  I haven’t exercised properly in awhile so I rode my bike up the punishing UBC hill.  Huff and puff and a tiche icy.  Although riding in the easiest gear seems to help the huffing and puffing situation quite a bit.  Then I have my usual iced tea from the machine outside the bookstore and then I go into the bookstore.  Then I ride out of UBC and stop at the West Point Grey library and then Book Warehouse and then the Kitsilano Library. It’s like a habit like.  A tiche obsessive, you say?  Well, yeah.

Turns out, I have been schooled, that there is quite a difference between a dramatic series and a soap.  Tis true.  Although it does seem that most evening shows are now soaps.  But this was true in the past too – I mean Dallas and Knots Landing were great nighttime soaps. Those 2 shows and a bag of chips made for a fine Friday evening.  Seems they are bringing Dallas back on the TNT channel.  I know Larry Hagman and Patrick Duffy are coming back but not sure who else.  Victoria Principal – and I say this with the deepest respect -seems to have frozen her face a la Nicole Kidman, so I’m not sure she can still act with said paralyzed face.  I don’t think I’ll watch the new Dallas, it just wouldn’t be the same.  Sigh.

I’ve heard of lots of folks lately who’ve either had food poisoning or the stomach flu  My poor sister (who lives in our nation’s capital) was so ill last night that she fainted in the washroom and hit her head.  She’s fine now and that head hit has actually improved her memory.  I joke.  You know I’ve never been a fan of the vomiting.  In fact, I went through a season of not vomiting from 1984-2000.  It was quite a record.  But alas, 2000 brought seasons of vomiting and a few more in 2007. It’s never as much fun as what you remember.  i.e. “Gosh, I LOVE barfing. I can’t wait until it happens again.”  And then you do barf and it’s less fun than you’d think.  Too bad really.

Feel free to write a comment about your favourite type of virus.

Oh and I don’t seem to have a job yet.  My resume is all re-done though and looks pretty snazzy if i do say so myself.   It’s about the 800th edit but this time – this one will stick.  I’m selling my writing skills better than before when I was just sort of wandering aimlessly in resume land, la, la, la, what are my skills, la la la.  I had some help as I mentioned in an earlier post from the owner of Future Works.   So I believe that when people ignore it now, they will be ignoring a higher quality of resume.

La la la.

oh and on Monday I get in on a phone media conference call with the govt. relating to my article. Seems the govt is finally ready to talk about it.  Fun, I think, I’ve never done this before.  I mean I’ve been on the phone obviously.  ha.

As you were.

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