Easy come, easy go

10 Dec

I think I’m getting over my obsession with my blog stats.  That s probably a good thing.  Well, it  waxes and wanes, like the moon but completely different.

It’s a blah day – blah weather (typical Vancouver winter low clouds and cool) and I’m feeling blah.  BLAH.

Pal Gail sent me some interesting  freelance writing jobs off of Craigslist – I don’t generally look at Craigslist for such things, as, frankly, some of them aren’t real.  Some of the ads were a tiche creepy let’s be honest but fun creepy. 

What else, what else.  Hmmm, blah.

Oh and my last job is now officially officially over – the 13 week recall time passed yesterday.  Now if you are a HR sort, you will probably want to go roaming through what you know to tell me why this is not correct.  Trust me, it is correct and that is okay.  I had a great run of 7.5 years there – a very decent amount of time at a job.  I hear that a couple of other folk have decided to leave effective now and I feel for them.  It’s an exciting time but there is also some mourning that goes on.  Heck, they were there even longer than I was.  Some folks have been there for 17 or 18 years.  Wow, I can’t imagine being at the same job for that long.  Of course, in days gone by it was like that – people would stay at one job for say 30 years and then retire with a little golden handshake.  There was great security in that but maybe also some boredom?  At the same time, it seems like in those days people just worked.  Some didn’t much care if they loved their work or derived personal satisfaction from it.

Now, of course of course, the economy is in a much different state.  Jobs don’t always last and last.  People change careers and such.

Okay, well, I think today may just have to be a blah day.  Maybe I’ll go for a walk.  Or not.


2 Responses to “Easy come, easy go”

  1. B December 11, 2011 at 9:38 pm #

    This is where I confess to being a titch obsessive about spelling and grammar. I usually manage to subjugate my desire to mark big Xs when I notice errors but this IS an excuse to comment. Please note:


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