A short one today

12 Dec

But daily!!!!!  Daily darn it!

I was in on a short phone announcement and then short one-on-one interview with assistant deputy minister Allison Bond to discuss ‘stuff” for my freelancing article.  So that was kinda fun and governmenty.  And rah rah and blah blah.  My article is almost done and ready to be ripped to shreds in editing!  Yee haw.

So on to another piece maybe!  I’ll need to think of something.  Hopefully, once my piece is published in March, I’ll get a few more people interested.  It’s still not a living but . . .

On Thursday I’m going to see the career planning course folk at Transitions downtown and imagine I will start the three week course on January 9th.  Basically, I need a little rah rah.  A little, “Norm!” Well, if you’ve never seen the TV show Cheers than you won’t know what I’m talking about.  I just need to go somewhere where everyone knows my name!

Oy, the insomnia.  Every single night I wake up between 3 and 4 am and never really fall back to sleep.  Yikes.  In the morning it’s not too bad but as the day goes by I just start to feel rather sick.  Eeek.  etc.  Part of the reason my brain is not so creative right now, I think.

Time to wrap up a book for my writers’ group Xmas party tonight.  We have been told to dress it all up a bit, so I need to look and find a skirt.  I have lots but I’ve been living in jeans for the last three months.  I don’t so much  mind dressing up sometimes.

Twas another sunny day which was great great and great.

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