Time capsule

15 Dec

My friend, Gail, has two lovely wee daughters.  Gail has Fridays off and so I often invade her home and watch thirtysomething on her Netflix (the awesomeness of this cannot be overstated).  Her older daughter is at school but wee Rosie, all of almost one, is at home.  ROSIE!!!!!  I really enjoy this baby.  She is very good natured and let’s be cuddle her -o-rama.  So so cute.  Cute x 52,652.  When she goes down for a nap I poke her until she wakes up.  No, no I don’t do that.  No, no.

Anyway, I’m invited to her first birthday wee party!!!!!!!  I was honoured.  Guests are to bring something for a time capsule that Rosie will open when she is 16.  My friend B. suggested peppermint whisky.  True, I hadn’t thought of that.  Mind you, I’m thinking of something more of these specific times.  A lock of my dyed hair?  No, gross really.  A book?  There may not be books in 15 years.  A VCR tape – mind you, that is already old.  Hmmmm.  I like this time capsule idea.  And Gail, I’ll be there on Friday to play with the Rosie.

I am not ashamed to admit that I miss my car a bit.  Well, I don’t miss the kinda incredible danger of its weak brakes, multiple leaks and etc.  Although that did add a bit of drama to the day.  Mind you, I could never drive the car at the merest hint of ice on the road.  There was that time where I oddly decided to try and drive it up a big hill after a huge snowstorm and got it stuck for a few weeks in the middle of a road but usually I knew not to drive it much past November until spring.  But still, sniffle, sniffle.  Letting go is difficult.  She was a wee Honda Civic Hatchback, tan ugly brown, with a few dents and bruises.  Her engine just kept going and going.  Oh, but she was unbalanced (yes, yes, easy owner unbalanced jokes).  When she went past 70 km/hour, she shook and shook and it kinda felt like she was going to flip over.

Still, I miss her. 

Today B. and I went for a chilly and rainy walk on Kits. beach.  That was relaxing.  I got a chance to talk to someone other than say, myself, so that was nice.

Today on Anderson – FLDS polygamists!  Well, yee haw.

How’s my job search going lately?  Well, a bit slowish.  Sluggish say.  Sluggishy.  Christmas sluggishness.




One Response to “Time capsule”

  1. B December 15, 2011 at 7:25 am #

    No, I won’t admit to that. Now your friend, Gail, is going to think that I suggested that her self-respecting to-be-sixteen-in-the-future daughter will want peppermint whiskey. And the future Rosie is going to find out and she’s not going to like me. So I’m going to have to set the record straight. It was peppermint vodka that I suggested.

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