On the bus and such

16 Dec

Hey, great to have some new followers!  This bodes well for the cult I am building.  I joke, I joke.  Joking, ha, ha.  Besides, I am too obsessed with already established cults which I cannot name here in case some one reads this and they belong to say, that, uh, religion.  I get that – if I read some anti-Waltons blogs, I could not abide them.  No, I could not.

Suffice it to say that I’m oddly addicted to a blog called, Modern Mormon Men and I’ve been known to make a snarky comment or two or three.  I have it favourited.

Wow, I am a tired unemployed person.  Well, today was a busy busy day.  First, I went downtown to meet the career planning program folks.  Seems I have signed up now for this January 9th but I’m still not 100% sure that I want to do this 3 week course.  Well, they think I’m one hundred percent on it but there is always a return policy.  Yes, yes, no need to mention what you are going to mention, I know, I know.

Then I took the bus to the bowels of North Vancouver to see Maggie and her two wee offspring – 2 years old and like zero, well 2 months.  Maggie made me a fajita!  Kindly.  We watched Kitchen Nightmares, The Talk and part of Anderson Cooper.  He had transgendered children and their parents on.  LOVED IT, loved it.  Maggie and I have the same desperate love of TV, god love her and her large screen television.

Then I took the bus back downtown and met up with a few former colleagues.  Some are still working at the place I was laid off from.  Some seem to want to get out but aren’t because that is how these things go.  Anyway, it was fun and always interesting to see some of these folks.  Just like old times, sniffle.

Thou shalt never ever ever put down thou’s (thee’s?) former workplace, especially on a job searching blog.  Thou shalt not.  That is actually Commandment number eleven in the Book of Mormon, I think.  Ooops, that could be offensive. Sorry, sorry, Latter Day Saints, sorry.  You always seem like very kind people and the kind of folks who would eat meatloaf and I love meatloaf.  Gosh, I love meatloaf.  And I also love really good macaroni and cheese.  And pie, I love pie.  Apple pie with ice cream.  That is a nice pie indeed.

I must now go and write a facebook message to someone I shouldn’t write to about something I should not write about.  Eeek.


One Response to “On the bus and such”

  1. B December 16, 2011 at 3:55 pm #

    The possessive form of thou is thine. Hey, have you considered a career as an Old English Second Language (OESL) teacher? Not that I’m suggesting that anyone is old, or even middle aged!

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