Free Science World

18 Dec

This first observation o mine may seem pithy but uh well.  Sometimes when I watch the news (hmmm, usually CBC Newsworld) I am amazed that all this horror is continually going on all over the goddamn world and yet I somehow am able to still buy and eat apple turnovers.    This next sentence is not meant to alienate anyone but may, thus driving down my average stats of 60 views a day (what me, obsess) to less than that.   Eeek.  Having dabbled (well, more than dabbled)  years ago in what is known as non-mainline Christianity, I still wonder why all churches don’t shut down and all the people in those churches go out and only help until there is no more help needed.  Like none, zero, zilch.  Having said that, there are a zillion people from a zillion organizations doing a zillion things in a zillion countries.  For years and years they do this until they die in some cases and they are never ever known.  Wow.  And this will beg the question  – why am I not out there instead of buying and eating apple turnovers?  True, indeed true.

It’s just that my head explodes more than it used to at all the continual horror out there and so I want all churches (okay and synagogues and such to be fair) to lock their doors and go out get this stuff done.  Imagine, wowza if that happened you’d probably get a lot more people into some kind of religion.  And also, as a kind of side benefit, gay people could stop being a project.

Okay, sorry, rant over.  Really, feel free to comment – ‘oh yeah, Segal, but what are you doing?  I don’t see you out there and you aren’t even working so no excuse!”  TRUE.   “Why do you always seem so anti-religion?  This is alienating.”  Totally, totally hear you.  Although I’m oddly not anti-religion.  Remember, I belong to my wee United Church.   “I thought this was a blog about job searching, gosh darn it.”  It is but there is also etc.  This is more the etc.

See now, I also think that soap operas should stay away from political story lines.  I note when I was flipping through the channels the other week that the Young and the Restless had Billy hiding out in Myanmar.  I didn’t think this was right.  Well, unless they are willing to explain to me the whole situation of what is happening there.  I think Billy should have gone to maybe Thailand instead.  Or Singapore.  Just my opinion.

Today it turns out that Science World was free!

“Science World is free today!” I said to Fiona. 

“I’m not really into that,” she noted.

“But it’s free!” I said.  “Free, I’m telling you, free!”

Instead, we went for a bike ride during the sunny part of the day. Fiona has a new used bike from ‘Our Community Bikes’ on Main Street.  Honestly, Fiona is in many ways way way too cool to be hanging out with me and yet she does and that is so nice.

The Glenda is back from Asia.  Good good.  She called me and I was touched.  The poor woman has a bit o laryngitis.

Okay, my next blog entry will focus more directly on job search.  Resumes and cover letters, perhaps.


One Response to “Free Science World”

  1. B December 18, 2011 at 3:05 am #

    I believe that only Kurt Vonnegut should be allowed to use ‘etc’ more than once in a paragraph. I’m very religious about that.

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