still rather unwell

20 Dec

So no new post until I’m feeling better.  Try not to worry, wee fan base.  I hate being sick, especially when it drags on and on.  As opposed of course to those who love being sick.  ha.  Oh gosh, even my humour is becoming lame.

On a good note though – The Vancouver Courier got back to me and wanted my EI piece but since it was already sold! they said I could do a one-off column for Jan. on being unemployed.  They can’t afford a regular columnist though.  They want it to be wry, I think I can do that!

I’ll be back when I’m more undead.  Oooh, creepy.

2 Responses to “still rather unwell”

  1. Mike December 21, 2011 at 11:55 pm #

    You’re going to do a column for the Van Courier!?! That’s GREAT!!!! I’m sure it will be very wry! Look forward to reading it.

    How can they *not* afford to have you as a regular columnist?!?

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