sunny outside

20 Dec

Would be an awesome day for a bike ride, just amazing but alas, I am stuck inside.

But that is okay.  I’m more up to reading now and the sun really pours into my bedroom and it is cozy – me, my gatorade and my books and magazines.

I filled out my last! EI report yesterday and tomorrow they will put in my last deposit.  Then, I reapply and wait.  And wait.

And perhaps, wait.


And finally, wait.

I suppose it is good that Mr. Harper’s government hasn’t cut off EI altogether.  Thank you, Stevie, for your generosity.

Just sucking up to my funder a bit there.

I’ve eaten a lot of soup lately and I have to say that I don’t mind chicken with rice, although it is very very salty.

Resumes.  So important these resumes are, so they say.  It’s quite interesting to me just how much mine has changed over the last few months.  It went from what I thought wasn’t too bad to something else that I thought was pretty, well, dapper, to finally something much much better.  Not that this has gotten me anywhere but still, I like to look at it.  It’s such a game in so many ways – you have to say things in such a way so that you appear to have what you have but in a greater and more exciting way.  Now, this resume hasn’t gotten me any interviews so I’m not so sure but still, I like it.  And the FutureWorks owner woman, she likes it.

Oh!  I got an e-mail from my case manager asking me how I am doing.  Have I applied for the TWS? (A month and a half ago, I wrote back), am I taking a job search course (I’ve signed up for Transitions in February, I wrote back).  Merry Christmas, wrote she and then Love, the case manager.  Well, hmmm, is this better than her nagging me?  Probably.  She also randomly sends out mass e-mails to all of her unemployed folk – one was about not giving up on the job search during the Christmas season.    Why am I having less than pleasant feelings about my case manager?  Am I expecting too much?

Anyway, off to read in the cozy room.  It might take a week or so for my full sardonic self to return.  Thanks for your patience.


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