New Year, soon

21 Dec

Yup. Once 2012 hits (10 days or some such) I am going on a spending lock down.  Really, uh, really.  Tis necessary.  At least with being sick, I haven’t spend much money on food of late.  Always gotta look at the bright side, they say.

I ventured out on a shortish walk today, my first day out since Saturday.  It’s beautiful right now – sunny and not too cold out now.  Most importantly, it is sunny.  So nice to see in Vancouver.  I didn’t go too far, I wasn’t really up to it but still the short walk to the library was lovely.  Oh! Oh! Potential employers – I get sick just once a year, so now I’m good for a year!

I’ve also got to get back into really applying for jobs and going back to that Toaster meeting that is filled with members of the International Association of Business Communicators (IABC).  It’s a Toaster meeting so it’s still, well, rather wackified, but these are my people.  If you are ever interested in improving public speaking skills, confidence, etc, Toastmasters is a good bet.  I first heard about it way way back in 1986 and started to go in Winnipeg.  Then I went to clubs in Vancouver and Alberta when I lived there and then back here again.  What I really need and have always needed to work on is slowing down just how incredibly fast I speak.  Anyway, Toasters are usually, uh, interesting type folk.  This IABC one seemed fun the one time I went a few weeks ago – mainly young folk with a few my age mixed in.  Welcoming and awkward at the same time – that is what a good Toaster meeting is!  Of course there is the ultimate Toaster – my friend Toaster, who I met years ago at, well Toasters. 

What else?  I think I need timelines starting in the New Year.  Like, I’ll keep looking for a writing-ish job until such and such a month and then delve back into ESL.  Something like that.

I was pleased to get a comment on here from a fellow named Thomas.  Sounds like he is in a similar boat to me.  Looking forward to what he has to say.  This is community, people! 

And I’ve gotta say – watching ‘The Talk’ with the sound off and if you have say even a little fever – Sharon Osborne can totally make your head spin.  She does mine anyway.

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