24 Dec

I’m a little blah but am committed to doing at least a blog entry a day.


Funny how my stats go from 95 one day to 29 another.  Me thinks something isn’t right.

I rode my bicycle the rather short trip to the grocery store earlier.  Twas good to get the muscles working again.  It was raining but not too cold out. 

Now it is rainy and dark so no white Christmas round the west coast of Canada.  The mountains are full of snow though and people who go skiing and such are said to be having a great time.  Cypress Mountain management seemed darned proud on the news last night that they were the first of the mountains to open.  Good for you, Cypress Mountain.

Christmas Eve tomorrow – I think I’m going for a walk (in the rain) with B. in the afternoon and then off to my wee United Church in the evening.  Then Sunday, I’m really looking forward to an afternoon/evening at The Glenda’s.  Both of her (adult) children are away this year so it is just going to be her husband, me, her and her uncle I think.  I may have missed a person or two in there somewhere.  Glenda’s home is very cozy and conveniently on the bus route since since the car crunching, I am without transportation.  It’s one of those start-stop type routes, so, you know, bring a Gravol.  I have to say the most boring bus ride I was ever on was the Toronto-Ottawa route – 5 hours.  I can’t read on the bus and there weren’t any movies.  I think I slept and then thought thoughts of quiet desperation or something like that.  I prefer the train.

Talked to C. today briefly.  She asked if I thought about what avenues I’d be pursuing in the New Year.  “I’m definitely going to eat more oranges,” I tell her, then realize that she needs a bit more in the global sense.

“Oh, well, I, uh, I uh.  Um, uh, uh uh uh uh uh uh, um, uh and ahem.”

“Sounds like you’re all set then,” she said.

“Sounds like.”

C, as I’ve said before, is more Zen about these things.

“Worrying won’t help.  It will just drain your energy.”

“I worry about the draining of the energy.”  I responded.

We spoke about some of the more recent changes at our former workplace – it’s like an earthquake that has constant aftershocks.  No, no, that is a terrible analogy.  Anyway, and I believe I can say this because I’m being all vague and such but in a specific way, the boss is leaving in the New Year.  I’m not surprised by that – she has put up with more in the last two years than one should as a boss.  She wasn’t perfect but I always felt the ship had someone at the wheel when she was there.  What is it today with me and the bad analogies.  With her gone, I’m picturing a lot of drifting. 

Well, in the New Year I do have that article coming out (it is going under the editing knife as we speak) and am doing that ooh wow 12 hour sub admin work at my wee church and then that freelance piece for the Courier.  All and all it ads up to – hmmm, I still need a real job if I want to say, eat.  So, yes, yes and yes.  I will keep one eye closed as I look back into the ESL world – January though is a bit of a dead time.  Just one eye looking won’t be so bad.

Lovely chatting.

2 Responses to “yup”

  1. Thomas December 24, 2011 at 7:24 pm #

    All the best for the holidays to you. I haven’t had time to post, due to a busy week at my “seasonal job” this week. It will be the first time in memory that I will be working until 7pm on Christmas Eve. Such is the life of a retail worker.

    I will have much more time to share my unemployment thoughts in the New Year with you and your readers.

    Again, Merry Chrismtas and here’s to a Happy and job filled 2012!!!

    • jobsearchinginvancouver December 24, 2011 at 11:06 pm #

      Hi, Thomas 7 p.m. on Christmas Eve! I can only imagine the interesting stories you have to share about that and about uenemployment in general and I’m really looking forward to them!

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