Boxing Day

26 Dec

Oh, Boxing Day.  Seems some folks still line up overnight at places like Future Shop.  But really, Boxing Day is now more like Boxing month.

For my American readership (ha!  I should be so lucky!) Boxing Day is the day after Christmas when there are massive sales.  This originated in England, I believe.  Kinda like Black Friday but with fewer stampedes of people crushing others to death. 

So Christmas Day was not too bad at all.  I’ve found all the Christmasness a bit harder this year – partly because I don’t have a job (breathe, I must breathe) and partly because I was sick and bored at home the whole week leading up to it.  It was like I’d added a whole new level of boredom to my more normal level.  Plus it all makes me rather anxious to sit around

 that much, that kind of thing.   Plus my usual Christmasy feelings – the emphasis on family is rather overwhelming when say, you don’t have your own family.  And I had more time to think about that and blah blah.

In the New Year, perhaps a partial frontal lobotomy.  I joke, I joke.

Anyway, in the afternoon I went over to the Glenda’s.  This was the first time since she’s had children (30 years) that both of her kids were away – one was off in Calgary with his wife’s family and the other is teaching ESL in Korea (plenty of jobs there, apparently!).

“But there’s always Karen,” said Glenda. 

“Yes,” I said, sighing, yes.

Glenda’s Uncle Ron was there too and also a post-grad physics student of Ian’s from China.  He’s 19, sweet, socially awkward and a genius, according to Ian, who is actually a genius himself. At one point the discussion turned to neutrinos (spelling?) and testing in mines and waiting three years and synchronizing the clocks and all sorts.  And the so called ‘god particle’ which apparently has absolutely nothing at all to do with god.  Glenda is very able to keep up with this whole physics discussion thing and Jong really did come alive once the neutronos were brought up. 

Last semester at UBC, Ian taught a Physics 101 course and told me I could sneak in on a lecture if I wanted. I wanted!  He does these great demonstrations that keep the students interested.  Somehow I never made it there though.  How about in January, I asked.  Hmmm, seems he’ll be teaching a graduate level course with only 10 students. 

“Oh,” I said, “I probably couldn’t get away with that.  Will you be doing a Physics 000 soon?”  Seems not.  Uh well, there is always next September, when he teaches the 101 again.  “Of course,” I said, “If I’m still unemployed then, I WILL BE LIVING IN A BOX.”

Ian got Clue for Christmas and wanted us all to play it.  Remember Clue?  Colonel Mustard in the library with the rope?  Well, the new edition is the same idea, just bizarrely complex to understand the whole new myriad of rules.  And there are new rooms too I think.  The understanding of the rules took about 45 minutes.  I was about to throw in the rope and knife and give up, but Ian wanted to keep going.

I don’t want to brag, but I may have won.  Ms. White in the kitchen with the axe, I think. 

Glenda made a lovely ‘turducken’ (sp?) but I asked if I could avoid the duck part.  She said okay, then threw a leg at me.

On a final note, I desperately need a haircut but as usual, I’ve lost my hairdresser’s phone number.  He usually intuits my need and calls me, but not this time.  Hope he is okay.  ALAN HAIRDRESSER CALL ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tis pouring rain today but I’m putting on my Mark’s Work Wearhouse boots (on a great sale last month) and heading over to Commercial Drive to meet B.  Will be good to get out of the house I have to say.  There are some good fruit and vegetable markets out that way and cheaper than over here on the West side.  Go figure.

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