29 Dec

“Don’t stay in bed, unless you can make money in bed.”- George Burns (1896-1996)

Thank you, Mr. Burns.  He speaks a truth.  So Leo the Shaw Cable guy comes over early!  Like an hour early!  He gets me all set up in like 8 minutes with wireless.

“Leo,” I said, “This seems too easy.  Let me shut it down and then turn it on again so that I can make sure it works.”

Okay, says Leo, who then goes to use the washroom.  Why did I feel weird about him using the washroom?  Uh well, no matter.

Okay, yeah, so the washroom still works although the washing machine downstairs has broken down.  What’s nice about living here is that the washing/drying is free.  Except there’s only one machine.  And it breaketh.  I phoned the owner and she asked would I be there tomorrow to let the jack of all trades/master of none guy in.

“No!” I said.  I mean I’m going to Maggie’s to watch Anderson Cooper (which may be a repeat this week, Maggie May). 

“Oh,” said the owner.

“If you give me free rent next month, I can be home,” said I.

No, no, she’ll figure something out.  There are 12 suites in this mansion from 1911 that I live in.  We each get evenings to use the laundry machines – mine is tonight.  Uh well.

So yeah, back to the wireless.  I spent most of the afternoon using the computer from bed, still in my pajamas.  This is probably not the best use of my time.  While my place is tiny tiny, when I didn’t have wireless I still couldn’t reach the cord to my bedroom and only used it in my living room.  This was probably better.  But wireless! So the next time I have the stomach-nearly-killed-me-next-door-neighbour-made-me-chugalug-warm-water-flu, I can bring the computer into the wee washroom!

Just trying to look at the bright side.

Make sure you read the comments – Thomas has written a few about his job search and his experiences in retail.  You could even comment on his comments.  And then I could comment on your comment about his comment.  And then he could comment.  And then you could comment.

And on and on like that.

I am, it is true, always encouraging the commenting.   Feel free to comment on that with your own, well, comment.

Since Fred felt it necessary to point out my typos, I’ve gone back and corrected a number of them.  And I’m doing a few things so that you can read this without so many of the dreaded errors.

I get it though.  When I read something with lots of mistakes, I shrivel up inside and have less respect for the writer.  So, you know, yup, Fred, but it woke me up a bit.

Seems there’s been a huge winter storm in Toronto and -18C.  Ha ha ha ha ha ha.




It was pouring rain but 9C here today, something I obviously took advantage of by barely going outside.

Oh, god love a duck.

Nope, still don’t think that I want to go back into ESL yet, I really don’t.

Quite the funeral there in North Korea. I don’t know, this taking over son doesn’t seem to have quite the joie de vivre of the other guy.  Time will tell.

Here’s a seasonal joke, cleaned up a bit for a PG audience:  Jesus is a young lad and rushes outside to play, leaving the door open.  Mary shouts after him, “Close the door!  What, were you raised in a barn?!”


2 Responses to “Indeed”

  1. Gail December 31, 2011 at 5:09 am #

    My friend has a great conspiracy theory that George Burns actually died before his 100th birthday. He didn’t appear live, just on video feed in the last year of his life and the theory is, they videotaped all of that just because such a huge deal was made about him turning 100. I thought you’d enjoy that.

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