Oprah and such

6 Jan

So apparently Oprah’s OWN network was floundering.  Had Oprah called me, I could have told her why this was.  Too  much repetition, too many shows about women chasing ghosts or some such, Ryan and Tatum O’Neal, the Judds reality show and on and on.  Although Chaz Bono’s documentary was interesting in its bizarreness, they replayed it way too many times.

Most women who like Oprah and her Oprah wisdom seem to like to see, well, Oprah.  She seems to be figuring this out.  She is now replaying episodes of her show with Oprah giving updates.  Yes, Oprah, that is the ticket.  Women want to hear only you and your glorious wisdom.  In tonight’s show, part of it is dedicated to young women becoming Catholic nuns.  Right now they are marrying Jesus Christ.  Now two of them are talking to Oprah discussing how they can now where black veils.  Good, Oprah, good.  One of the nuns just said, ‘hill of beans.’  Oooh, next is rare footage of the nuns’ wedding reception.  Seriously though, I think this will improve her ratings.  Also, if she has the Sister Wives on and maybe the Little Couple.  And someone who has lost say 862 pounds.  I will watch, Oprah.  But I will not bow down to you unless you send me money.  Thank you.

This morning I went to see minister Beth or, I guess, Beth.  We hadn’t visited for awhile so it was nice to hang out.  She offered me a chocolate but I did not feel like having one, oddly.

“I wish I could get you a job,” said she.

“Could I have your job,” I asked.  She rightly said no.  She’s right.  While I would enjoy the perks, I don’t think I could handle being compassionate and caring to so many people, some of whom are not as enjoyable as I am.  Plus, you have to know and enjoy the bible, apparently.  Although in the United Church that is becoming less necessary it seems.

I don’t think I will become a nun.  My aunt is a nun and that is how I have forever referred to her – ‘My aunt the nun.”

When I got home around noon from my little ministerial visit, there was an e-mail with editing corrections I needed to make on my EI article.  Massive corrections but excellent corrections.  It is really great having a great editor.  Great, great, great.  Her ideas enable the article to flow so so so much better.  I am very pleased.  We have a phone meeting tomorrow morning – I have a meeting!  It’s at 9 am (she is in Toronto where it will be noon) so I’d better set my alarm (really).  My corrections aren’t due until next Friday but I set to work on it today, spending about three hours just working, working.  That is so good for me – it focuses my mind.

I’m trying to be a bit more upbeat in the blog today – I may not necessarily feel so upbeat but I’ve read a few really negative blogs, which I totally, totally get and respect, but they were just depressing and brought me down further.  It’s difficult though sometimes to be realistic without beng negative.

I was Facebook chatting with my friend Debbie in Australia the other day.  I knew Debbie when she was a nanny in Vancouver 25 years! ago.  She is now married with 6! kids and living kinda in the outback.  She has set herself some New Years’ goals.  I have no goals so I tried to make them up on the spot.

“My goal is to have a nice box to live in when I live on the street,” I wrote.

“May I make a suggestion?” she asked.  “Try to set some positive goals.”

Oh, I said, oh, yes, good idea.

We reconnected on FB a couple of years ago and it’s great – we really enjoy FB chatting.  If it didn’t cost so much and take 10, 252 hours, I would go and visit her.  I visited her in 1991 but much has changed, like the six kids.  She was just freshly dating her husband when I was there. Our lives are so different but we really enjoy each other.  Nice.  And maybe because we live so far away from each other, we can tell each other things about our lives that we wouldn’t if we were closer geographically.

Does anyone work for EI anymore?  I need someone to hurry up and decide on my new claim.

2 Responses to “Oprah and such”

  1. Schnee January 7, 2012 at 5:06 am #

    I haven`t forgiven Oprah, nor do I find her shows in any way interesting, but I think she should have told me she had ghost programmes. This, I would have given a go. Therefore, if you think about it Karen, YOU are responsible for the failure of Oprah`s OWN channel.
    Another person I dislike is Martha Stewart. But she had some wonderful Christmas decs in her range this year. But I couldn`t bring myself to buy any. I can`t find any way of blaming you for MJartha Stewart, just Oprah.

  2. Schnee January 7, 2012 at 5:10 am #

    Ah, I don`t have your great editor. I meant that YOU should have told me about the ghost shows. I don`t like things about mormon misogyny, er, I mean polygamy, but I do like ghost shows. I don`t expect Oprah to know that though.

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