tired, but a good tired, as Laurie Partridge said to her mother in the Partridge Family

14 Jan

Not much to say tonight.  I’m a tired temporarily employed person.  I knew that the first day back would be tiring but I am okay with that, I pushed through it because that it what I do, ha.

Oh the germs I was exposed to – on the bus, with the students.  I shall live.

In a nutshell I met with two other teachers downtown and we watched the students skate at Robson Square, then went up Harbour Tower – something I hadn’t done like ever and then back to UBC where I had lots of orientations and finally prepped a bit.  I basically need to figure out the whole curriculum but it is only 10 mornings with this class at 3.5 hours each.  I met some of my students and they are super sweet, as the low level of English often are I find.  Four of them speak Chinese though so I have to be careful they don’t speak it in class, tis a strong temptation which I totally understand.  We are going to start with introductions “Nice to meet you!” and eventually get them to asking other campus dwellers for directions.  They are a bit of a mixed level so should be interesting.  I was thanked several times for taking over at the last minute which was nice.  And the other UBC ELI-ers seem quite nice as well.  I recognized a few from when I was there nine years ago, wowza.  Wow time flying and such.

So two weeks at least with the possibility of 10 weeks.  It’s quite a well run institute, with lots of admin staff and CA’s who come to the class once a week and help out which is great. 

When my brain has something to focus on I can focus and focus – I keep looking at more and more resources online and thinking about other things I can do.  I’m also still working on my freelance piece and have to get a bio ready for the webpage of the Tanzanian school, a volunteer project I took on before I knew I would be working.  Tis okay though.  Work work work stop and etc.

Phew, off to bed.  Many typos I’m sure since I’m a tired tired person.  Fatigued.  Next week will be shorter days though – 3.5 hours teaching, an afternoon meeting or two and prep. time.  I’m looking forward to it.  I knew today would be quite intense and maybe Monday too when I actually start teaching.  Oooh, gotta go grocery shopping so I can pack lunches, just like in days of yore.

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