snow you say

15 Jan

“Winter has arrived on the south coast,” the newcaster is saying tonight.  Not so much in Vancouver but more so in the Fraser Valley.  Tons of snow out there and a prediction of more snow for Metro Vancouver.  Wow, from the pictures, lots of snow out there in that there Fraser Valley.  Like Winnipeg amounts.  When it hits Vancouver proper, all heck (hell, for anyone over 19, 18 in Manitoba) breaks loose.  Many folks don’t have snow tires and it seems the solution for some is simply to drive faster and more erratically.  So while it is pretty pretty, it is treacherous, treacherous.  Oooh, the weather guy is saying that for the next week we will have winter like weather.  The buses still need to go to my new job! 

I have a friend who uses a wheelchair to get around and the snow basically shuts her in her home.  I hadn’t really thought of that in that way.  Eeek. 

In my hometown o Winnipeg, I hear it’s about -30C there right now.  And then there is the windchill situation of course.  In other words something like:  it’s -30C but with windchill will feel like -800C.  I always enjoy telling my ESL students this – they always recoil in shock.  “Learn the present perfect perfectly or I will send you to Winnipeg!” I threaten.  I don’t actually do that.  I wonder how those with limited mobility cope in more snowy/icy conditions in the rest of the country? I’ve never given this deep thought before.  Shame.

It’s so interesting to me how much my self-esteem/general more even type feeling comes from having a job, even a part-time temporary one.  I think it is also simply the sense of belonging – I’m part of a small team of teachers at UBC teaching this particular program now and so I’m needed.  If I don’t show up, there will be seven low level ESL students wandering aimlessly on Monday morning.  I’m going to get a UBC e-mail address (seems odd for such a short time but why quibble), I had to pay a $20 deposit for a security card to get me into the teachers’ area (apparently it can get me into the bldg on evenings/weekends but if I do it wrong, alarms will go off.  Hmmm, maybe not) and they put my name on a cubicle (that is someone else’s who is on sick leave but still!).  I get a classroom and etc.  I get e-mails.  I am someone!  And the fact that I’ve been focussing on lesson planning, etc, has taken a lot of brain energy, actually leaving less for nihilistic thinking.  I find that fascinating – it’s like I have tons of brain energy and when it has nowhere to go, it goes downhilly.  Interesting.  But hey, shockingly, I’m no Pollyanna and know that this one short job doesn’t change me into happy happy joy joy but it is a good thing. 

And it gets me out of having to decide whether or not to take the career transitions course – well, if I’m asked to stay for the full 10 weeks it does because the program will be finished by then. 

My teaching will be observed already this week or next and that is a huge and never lovely thing.  They stay for the full time of the class I think.  That is 3.5 hours!  Yikes.

I must go cut up pictures from a story now.I am not a great cutter/paster, tis true, tis true but you gotta do what you gotta do.


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