blog neglect

Yeah.  Well, it seems now that my teaching gig will only be two weeks as teachers on leave are coming back or some such seniority related situation.  I’ll find out for sure next week.  Uh well, perhaps they’ll keep me on the sub list.

Actually, I think it will take me two weeks to get used to working again!  Tis true.  I’m a tired two-week teacher.  Tis true.  And I haven’t quite figured out the what to eat in the morning so I’m not about to eat my arm at 12:30 pm and zombied from low blood sugar.  Nuts during the 10 minute mid morning break may help.  Hmmm.

Geez, in Abbotsford, only an hour from Vancouver, is like -25C.  The Fraser Valley is a valley I guess.  Brrrr.  It is really cold here too – and snow and ice on the sidewalks similar to say, winter say.  They do not sand the sidewalks here after all.  Oooh, Friday they say more snow and freezing rain.  Goodness.

Stay off the road!  They are saying. Indeed.

My wee temp job is going quite well.  I enjoy the students although they do require constant hovering as their level is so low.  One fellow is quite a bit lower than the others and I realize he doesn’t understand a thing we are doing, poor fellow.  We’ve been working on directions, giving them and asking for them.  Around 11:30 I notice that the students’ energy flag (and mine too, let’s be honest).  Perhaps I should play a little ABBA as a cultural experience.

Tomorrow (Thursday) all three classes are heading over for part of the class to the Museum of Anthropology on campus (although a chilly walk for the students!).  I’ve made up a fairly simple question sheet for my students.  I’m looking forward to it – haven’t been there since they re-did it.  On Tuesday we are all apparently going to one of the teachers’ nearby homes for brunch, Canadian culture and conversation.  Bagels!  Pancakes!  So that’s very nice.

I think when my two week gig is over, I need to still keep getting up early so the shock to the system is less next time.  Hmmm, gotta think about that one.

Good thing I got a little teaching, my EI claim is supposed to have been decided by now, but the story is now that it can take two months for your claim to be decided.  Yikes!  So a cheque from working Jan. 31st will be most welcome.  This new information was given by an EI employee who was laid off and is having to apply for EI herself.  She knows for what she speaks.

I need to go have fun and laugh until I pee my pants.  This is what I need.

I blog, therefore I am.

One thought on “blog neglect

  1. How is ABBA a cultural experience for this school? I think BTO is much more appropriate, especially after you tell your students about how cold it gets in Winterpeg, “B-b-b-b-baby, you ain’t seen nothing yet!”

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