Well, the owner  has had someone put in a new thermostat and a lock over it.  Ooops.  It is in the hallway.  Well, she promised to keep the temp at a regular 72F and kept it at 62F and I would change it to what was promised so we all wouldn’t freeze.  Hence the lock.  Aaargh.  I nearly lost my mind last winter freezing and fighting her on it and I’m not going through that again.  I do pay for hydro but space heaters it will have to be.  The person who has the key is the nutty landlady’s niece who lives for free in the landlady’s suite as the landlady is in a nursing home now.   She seems to want to impress the owner by keeping the heat off completely.  No one in the other 11 suites complains because apparently they are afraid of losing their lovely small apartments in Kitsilano.  One woman even wrote me a note last year saying, “I’m scared and I can take this no further.” Seriously, I was taking photos of the temperature on the thermostat and all sorts. Aaargh.  Aaargh.  Uh well.

I know, I know, I shouldn’t complain about feeling EXHAUSTED since I have  new temp job.  Nonetheless, tis the case.  Oh but I found out today I do get to teach another four week session so I’ll be there to Feb. 24.  There is one more session after that of this program so hopefully I will get that too.  Then maybe the sub list which would be just fine indeed.  And maybe a few months in the summer.  All very good as I put off, I mean think about, what I want to do next.    The head teacher came in for an hour to hang out with the class and turns out to see if she could recommend me to stay on.  Guess it worked out!  I will be formally evaluated next session.  Eeeek!!!!!!!!!!!  We are also de-briefing tomorrow on what she observed in the class today.  Probably could have done it today but I came home right after class and prepped at home so I could lie semi-comatose and do it.  Oh, the drama.  I’m getting lots of photocopiable stuff of the internet which is good.  Who knew you could print out pics of all the types of drinks they serve at Starbucks. 

This morning for part of the class we took the students to UBC’s Museum of Anthropology.  That was a nice perk – normally about $17 admission fee.  A lovely museum and the students loved it – my Chinese students really liked the Chinese artifacts. 

There is also a motorcycle made out of material of some kind, fascinating.  And the First Nations sculptures and totem poles are astounding.

Anyone have any mid-morning snack ideas?  I am always starving and then vaguely comatose by 12:30.  Kindly.

This weekend I think Fiona and I are going to try and get into the matinee of the pay what you can play at the Playhouse.  It was sold out last time, hopefully not this time.  The rains are a-coming to wash away all the snow and ice, so they say.

Had a lovely Skype chat with Luce in Brighton, England today.  Funny – I was his husband Dale’s friend first but now Luce and I are closer.  Dig it.

One thought on “heat

  1. Snacks?
    – Nuts (with dried fruit to make it interesting).
    – Fruit (apples or bananas are my fav.)
    – Cottage cheese or plain yoghurt with some fruit cut into it (just put it in a small tupperware – don’t need to put it in the fridge if it’s just a few hours)
    – Hummous and carrots (or other veggies)
    – Lara bars

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