So the editor of the magazine where my piece will run has come out of e-mail hiding.  Turns out she was super sick this weekend.  I believe it, lots of people have been getting some nasty viruses.  The editor of the Vancouver Courier (seems they might just run my column after all!  And with only minor edits, imagine!) was quite ill for a week, he said.  I can’t get sick since I only have a temp. job and no work = no pay.  And I think it looks bad when you are only working for 6-10 weeks to be sick for a week of it or some such.  Hmmm, they are bringing in several new teachers for next session – eeek!  They could have a Masters and trump me in subbing and such.  Uh well, tis life.

Me thinks I don’t want a Masters in TESL or language education.  Uh . . . no.

So back to my magazine piece.  Back and forth e-mailing has resulted in slight movement on the editor’s part.  I can now edit the part that is in the first person as well as the conclusion, while keeping most everything else.  Okay, okay.  Hands in the air, I give up.   Well, it is now some of my words and phrasing and my idea and research, so that is something.  Think I’ll let my name stand on it.  Really, after all of this work, you’d think that I’d be getting a nice big cheque out of the deal.  Ha! I say ha!

Well, I shall know for next time.  I want to cook up some more freelance ideas or places to submit my creative non-fiction.  My fiction I don’t feel confident enough about yet.  Gee, I wonder if I could get a Masters in creative writing and that would be acceptable to UBC’s ELI?  Mind you, I have a three year degree from the University of Manitoba – one of the few universities to offer that – so I’d have to do some upgrading first.  Hmmm, I shall check into what Masters they require.

Tired, of course of course, so off to bed early once again.  I feel so wimpy, like I have chronic fatigue syndrome or something.   Hmmm.  My friend who is the same (advanced) age as I am, works 10 hour days as a social worker in the ER in Nanaimo and so lives in Nanaimo four days a week and back to Courtenay three days a week.  At the same time, she is also doing her Masters.  Wow.  I am humbled.

The course that we are doing is called Language and Culture – so no homework or tests, just lots of speaking and, well, culture.  So tomorrow we go from UBC right over to another teacher’s home near UBC and the three classes all have brunch together.  Pancakes, waffles, probably bacon.  Excellent.

A new session starts next week, I’ll have a new level.  Cool.

If my piece goes in the Courier, I could have a whole new fan base for the blog.  Be ready, people, be ready.


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