My computer is acting all virusy.  Feverishy even.  Let’s hope not.

Well, hours after I ate many pancakes and waffles that the students helped to make, I’m still full!  As it is a Culture and Language short term class, they jam a bunch of stuff in.  This morning was going over to a nearby teacher’s house and making and eating pancakes et al.  Other than adding too much salt to one of the batches, it was tasty, especially the chocolate chip pancakes.  I was full, sat by the fire and felt relaxed.  And got paid for it!  Glory be. Goodness knows I’ve paid my dues type thing.  Twas a fine time had by all. One Korean young man took at least 8,000 photos, that camera never left his face.  I may not have to eat until tomorrow so full am I.  My lovely student from Kazakhstan, who speaks Kazakh and Portuguese (lived in Angola for awhile) asked me today, via his translator to get the right word, what my salary is.  “Interesting,” I said.  he thinks I should move to Kazakhstan.  “Are apartments well heated there?” I asked.   Apparently it gets cold like Winnipeg there.  He is a principal in a huge school in Kazakhstan.  “Borat?” I said.  “Oh, Borat!” he said.  He is absolutely lovely.  The young Turkish student, Ata Can (pronounced basically Atajan) generally looks bored.  But he discovered  backgammon game at the brunch house.  Did I know how to play, he asked.  Did I know how to play?!  I love the game.  Well, uh, he is very very fast and very very good and didn’t really want to wait as I counted things out and kept trying to get me to change my moves to better ones.  “I want to lose honestly,” I said.  I asked him to slow down but alas, not.   He is often on his phone too.  Oh, how I pine for the days of old where students had to search out pay phones. 

I did a very bad thing for an insomniac – I took a nap. I don’t feel better from it either so aaargh.  I think I was having tense dreams about cabbage.  Weird.  Aaargh, now I’ll sleep even worse tonight.  Silly, silly me.  I could get a car co-op car and go to the pool but it is cold and blustery out!  Mnd you it is cold in here but out there, brrrr.  Hmmm.  If you don’t suffer from insomnia, I tip my hat to you.  Tip, tip.

Seems more and more likely that my little job search column will appear in Friday’s Courier but I will keep you posted.  If so, my blog stats could go into the millions!  I could hold fundraisers and fan meetings.  I could be asked to appear on the View and The Talk and Live with Kelly.  I could do a cameo on the Young and the Restless!  Stephen Harper might call me for advice or Obama!  The London Guardian might offer me a full time permanent position along with a lovely (and well heated) flat in London!  I could buy a swimming pool!  Mitt Mormon Romney might ask me to join his campaign team!  The Sister Wives might ask to meet me!  I’m telling you, this could be big.

My latest edition of the New Yorker  is like 4 days late.  I need my New Yorker!



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