I will continue to enjoy it for four more weeks

Sigh, I wish I could get a longer contract at UBC.  It has taken me two weeks to really feel like I’ve got a groove going and a new session is starting up on Monday (well,, Monday meetings and testing and then really, Tuesday).  I’ve got a great schedule on this one – I will start at 10:50 and finish at 3:45. I’ll have an hour for lunch in there and three of the Friday afternoons off, so that’s nice.   So I can come in early to do my prep and still sleep in to a decent hour.  For an insomniac like myself, that is great.  Super great.  I’ve been basically wasting the afternoons off anyway. I am splitting the morning class with another teacher and will have my own afternoon class.  All will be in different buildings as space is apparently at a premium up at UBC.    The splitting the class is an interesting idea; apparently they do it so everyone can have what are considered full time hours.  Nice. 

My head teacher told me today that the final session of this in March is looking unlikely for me – lots of teachers coming back from leaves and what not.  There may be something for a month or two come summer but they won’t know till the last minute.  Sigh.  Well, I knew from the beginning that this wouldn’t be a long term gig but sniffle.  It is spoiling me for anything else I have to say.  And I notice that I’m finally stepping out of my unemployed depression (not to be confused with my usual depression, ha) and that feels so nice.  It is a great feeling to feel valued and needed in the workplace.  We had some guests for the students to talk to today in groups and ask questions, etc and at one point I somehow ended up being one of these guests and I had a great time regaling the students with some stories and they were laughing and asking questions.  Really fun.  I was in my element I must say.   I have a great rapport with the head teacher too – same kinda quirky senses of humour.  I’ve really enjoyed the seven students I’ve had – next session it will be 16 students in the class and quite multi-level too so a challenge indeed.  The afternoons focus more on pronunciation and fluency so that’s going to be good.  I quite enjoy teaching pronunciation now, having done it for about two years straight awhile back.  And field trips in the afternoon too so that is great.  Not sure what I’ll do for that yet.  So I’m quite engaged and challenged and there is a place to put my brain for awhile.  I’m going to do an upcoming post on the differences between teaching ESL at someplace like a university versus at an international school.  I shall attempt to be humourous so it won’t be too too dry.

Oh and the head teacher said that she really noticed a great improvement in my students’ fluency – partly due to me, she said, as she thinks they felt very comfortable in my class.  That was nice to hear I have to say.  Every class is different, of course,, and sometimes they just don’t like a teacher but these last two weeks were awesome.  When I first started teaching ESL lo so many years ago, I had a hard time I guess developing a teacher persona and so the students didn’t always so much like me.  That changed (and I did) a number of years ago but still, this was nice to hear.

Wow, this blog entry is so positive, so unlike me, ha.  Hmmm, four more weeks!  Well, better than say, one more week.

I see my fanbase has gone down to about 10, must work on that!

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