just a wee post tonight

Because I am tired after a long but lovely week o work.  Today was the final day of the session and so there was a gathering of all the students and each class did a little presentation.  Mine have the lowest level of English, so I had us do (after a great suggestion from another teacher) a little Canadian trivia.  I had each student practice a question, i.e. ‘What is the westernmost province in Canada?” Westernmmost is hard to say when you are from China and have a speech impediment, poor fellow.  But all of  the students had fun with the trivia.  Another class did a song I’d never heard of, I guess it was after 1980.  I think I shall have my next class sing Dancing Queen by ABBA if they want to.  The third class did a review of the session with slides and the whole bit.  We handed out certificates and each student shook all of our hands like a receiving line. 

My lovely Kazakh student gave me yet another wee Kazakh souvenir and a brochure for his school there.  He really, really wants me to go there and teach.  I have to tell you that after 4 months of no one wanting me to do anythng and mass ignoring my resumes, this was lovely.  No, I am not going to Kazakhstan to teach.  I mean really though, it’s like pendulum swinging and night and day.  From months of being ignored or getting an interview at a (crappy) downtown school where I am told things like yes, you do get breaks but you must spend them with the students and we will pay you kinda minimum wagey, to a situation where my boss has my sense of humour, where students like me and it’s a lot of work but quite supportive, it is quite a difference.  I hope I can hang on to the feeling of being valued. 

Oh!  I got a hold this morning of the mysterious, “Office of Client Satisfaction.” Part of Service Canada (oxymoron), they promise to call you back within 5 business days (used to be two, now I’m told that being called back within 10 days is an actual amount of time.)  I phoned around to get their number and knew from what I’d read in the Globe and Mail, that I’d have to be very specific in order to get the number.  “How do you know about that office?” I was asked.  And upon reaching them was asked, “how did you get our number?”  Shockingly, they answer the phone, probaby not too busy as very few folks KNOW THEY EXIST since employees are told not to tell anyone.

“Does anyone still actually work there and process claims?

‘Uh, yes,” said the employee.

“Fabulous,” I said.

I figured I get the process going so that hopefully in four weeks time when the being valued runs out, I’ll get a little EI.

Speaking of which, a whole bunch o people at my former place of employ got laid off yesterday.  Ouch, but they had to have seen that coming.  But from experience, I kow for the power of denial and magical thinking.  Can only imagine what the remaining few are feeling, perhaps a bit Titanicky.  Or relieved or who knows.  Yikes, why am I still thinking about this almost five! months later?

oh and Demi Moore?  yikes-o-rama.  Seems Kabbalah isn’t as grounding as one might think.  The power and privilege of Hollywood is gross and Moore is said to be worth $300 million.  And yet, I felt kinda bad for her, since the long 911 call to get an ambulance for her is being played on a continuous loop.  I think a higher power might come in handy here for her.  Twelve steps, Demi!  Twelve steps!

Rumour is her daughter Rumer was in the house that night.  Not sure about Scout and Tallulah Belle.

Gonna read, gonna sleep (I hope).  After another early start on Monday, I’ll be able to sleep in the other days!  Glory be.

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