For the hordes

Of people that are sure to flock to my blog like like like crows to a rat’s carcass (I lived at that building at Nanaimo and Dundas for a year, I know for what I speak) from my online Courier article:

For all of you, I would like to say hello.

I hustled down with a copy of the article to my head teacher boss this afternoon.  She’s super super busy because it is the first week of a fast four week session, new students, new teachers, etc and the like.

“Here’s my article I told you about!” I say, vaguely waving it around her.

She was good about it.

Twas the first day for new students so they (we) had a welcome lunch.  This meant I did not get a lunch break but it also meant a free sandwich, wrap and those great Costco like cookies.  My co-worker noted that she had tried to get some at the end but they were all gone.

“Oh,” I said, thinking of the two I had thrown into my bag.  “They did go fast,” I said.

My brain is operating at about half speed so this will be a short post tonight.

The new hordes may wonder why I seem to be working if I have written a job search piece.  A great question.  Excellent, yes.  Well,, I’m sadly only temporarily teaching at the awesome wonderfulness that is UBC’s English Language Institute.  And I speak more than just of the free cookies!   Cookies that are big!  And sweet!

If my readership goes beyond 1,000 tonight, there will be a special draw.  Wait for it. 

Exhausted, eyes bleary.  Going to bathe, watch Mary Tyler Moore, go to bed early to get the insomnia going.

Please don’t mind the typos.

Oh and and and within an hour or so I think of my article being posted, someone called me (they got my cell # how?  I thought those weren’t listed) to try to get me interested in a mysterious scheme that would onlly be explained by e-mailing me a video.  I declined.  Does the person think I have money to become part of a pyramid scheme or some such? Hey, if  had money I’d buy a better brand of ketchup.

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