like riding a bike

Eeek.  My throat hurts but I shall live in denial.  Deny, deny and finally, deny.

Anyway before my throat hurt, say in the pre-hurt phase, I decided to ride my bike up to UBC and my great job!  My temporary job!!!!  Job!!!! At UBC!!!!  It is about 40 minutes and there are 3 great big hills on the way there, I’d say about a third of the way.  These hills are difficult even for real riders – you know the ones with the skinny skinny tires and the tight fitting bike gear.  So there was me.  I haven’t bicycled in awhile and it was morning and la la la.  But I was determined and weaved all over them there hills.

I was pretty tired and sweaty by the time I got to work.  I saw my boss.  “I biked!” I announced.

“You are my hero.  No, really,” she said, scurrying past before I thrust another one of my articles into her face.

Well, now, she bikes daily from Main Street, which is way way farther away.  But she is also much skinner than I am so it all adds up to the same. Huh?

The bike ride home was less happy happy.  I was pretty tired and more sore throaty I have to say.  But the joy joy was that it was mainly downhill.  It was twilight though, which to drivers means, “Try and hit cyclists while impatiently driving right behind them.”  Made it home generally alive.  Tired but proud of self.

Oh and my EI claim was decided!  Six weeks and one day later, in case any of my fan base of three (hmmm, seems the Courier article didn’t raise the fan base, uh well) is also applying.  I get 18 weeks that I can use until December so that is good.  The maximum amount again, which covers the basics – rent, hydro, a bit of food, bus, etc.  Good good.  And good.  A relief.  I won’t need it until March though.

Not much else – I have tomorrow off (Friday) as the other teacher in the morning class is taking them on a field trip – a scavenger hunt I think.  Next week will be my turn and he’ll get the morning off.  Since there are no afternoon classes on Friday, it means a day free.  Good good.  All good. 

Apologies again for typos.  I’ll probably be back tomorrow.

Eeek, Grey’s Anatomy is doing some sort of weird alternative reality episode.  Not bad, kind of better than the usual drama drama.



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