I have not forsaken the blog

Just been lazy and sick.  Wretched cold or some such so just working and then doing more of nothing than even usual.  Eeek, not good for me, not good for me, I repeat.  Way too much alone time.

It is the weirdest virus that I will now describe in unnecessary detail.  It started as a sore gland and then just the right side of my throat got super sore.  Just the right side.  Then into the chest and my seal bark cough, then , sinuses, laryngitisy and all around still now.  Kinda weak, get very sweaty and hot at even the slightest outside walk.  Thursday was wretched but I was being observed by two other teachers for two hours.  Oy, oy, oy.  I find out how I did tomorrow.  Maybe not so great but I don’t want to use sickness as an excuse!  Friday was a half day field trip for the students and I went in and felt crap.  Spent the last 2.5 days trying to get over this!  Aaargh, annoying.   But I’m looking forward to getting back to UBC tomorrow.  Have I mentioned I love this job?   Tis true.  Just two more weeks!  And then maybe four more but then that is it for the short programs till 3 months in the summer which I guess they don’t know about till, well, summer.  I do enjoy the job.  Enjoy, enjoy and the people.  Being around people!

I think riding the bus is like one big sharing germ enclosed area.  And tomorrow I shall share mine – so perhaps avoid the 84 or 44 buses around 8:45 am.  I will be the seal barker.

I just spent 1/2 hour writing Oprah’s OWN network to tell them how to fix the ailing Rosie show.  I may not know much, I may not have my own family, a permanent job or my own home but I do know for TV.  They only allow 2,000 characters so I had to keep trimming.  Here’s the thing – people want HAPPY ROSIE, people want Rosie of old, Rosie who talked about Tom Cruise and getting diarrhea when she met Barbra Streisand.  They don’t want an hour of the host of Fear Factor talking about his 911 conspiracy theories.  Can the old Rosie be re-captured?  Not completely but she needs to dump most of her edge, have TV stars of old on and also triumphant burn victims and paralyzed people as well as poor teenagers who have to raise their siblings after the tragic deaths of their parents.  And then she needs to surprise them by paying their mortgages and such.  She’s a pretty good celebrity interviewer actually, she just needs to get celebrities who inspire nostalgia in women in their 40s and up.  I mean a Mary Tyler Moore reunion?  Who wouldn’t watch that.  And get the soap stars on regularly!  This is not rocket science, Oprah.  I’m sure my comments will be duly noted and soon I will be the head of the Rosie show.  Don’t really want to live in Chicago but could do for say a season or two.  But first I must finish up my contract at UBC, Oprah.  Oprah admires commitment so she’ll like that.

I have been thinking way way too much about Oprah lately.  I am annoyed by her view of women my age – how she seems to think we have a certain level of depth but never deeper and she’s built an empire around that.  I find it continually insulting but then I sometimes watch OWN, especially when there are like triumphant burn victims or paralyzed people on.  Sick this weekend (really! you didn’t say, Karen, you are such a non-complainer) I even bought an – oh god oh god oh good god – Oprah magazine.  Okay, I like reading the people who write in to Dr. Phil.   I don’t even care about his answers, I just like to read the problems.  She could  have a whole magazine devoted just to that.  And this issue had a whole bunch of pages on Gayle King cleaning out her closet and not once does she mention she has this great life and job because she is a long time friend of Oprah’s.  She seems nice enough but really, without the BFF Oprah, where would she be.

I need friends in higher places.  I do have an FB friend who loves DC in part because of the great and inexpensive manicures to be had there – apparently they last a really long time!  She might ascend to these higher places.

I have to go now and think about vertigo.  Come back, wee fan base!

2 thoughts on “I have not forsaken the blog

  1. Hey Karen,
    Hope you’re feeling better soon…
    Your blog is pretty interesting…it always makes me laugh 🙂
    I guess I miss your sense of humour at work…
    Take care,

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