T4 I say

So it turns out it IS going to be possibly quite the nightmare to get my T4 from my previous employer. Alll kinds of lies/stories about.  Suffice to say that the head office in Toronto, having had the accountant and numerous others quit, don’t know how to do T4s.  That is right.  A multi-national company has no idea what they are doing.  The local boss here, Stephen, is apparently quite adept at lying I am told.  Pity, he sounds so sincere and stressed on the phone, kinda tumbling over his words.

“I sent them (Toronto) the part of the employment standards act that indicates they must have T4s sent out by Feb. 29.”  And look at that, an extra day this year, being leap year and all. 

I told him that there had been so many screwups, did he really think these T4s would be done.

He’s not sure, he said.  Aaargh.  I know all about the legal recourse and have already called Revenue Canada.  Sigh, I can send in my taxes without the T4 information but I know I’m getting a refund this year, having only worked 8.2 months in 2011.  My paystubs are somewhere but I don’t have all of them and what a huge hassle.  Aaargh again, I say.  Aaaargh.  So beyond annoying.  Many people I know are still clinging, no, no I mean working at my former place of employ and thus have far greater skills in rationalization than I have and are able to not be ticked off by the lack of T4.  Me?  I just want that cord cut once and for all.  Normally, i love a good battle, a good David vs. Goliath, a good, look at poor victimized me but not in this case.

 So that’s annoying.

Also annoying i hae to say is my never ending cold I think it is.  Started two weeks ago and continues two weeks later – up and down and all around, like a rollercoaster type thing – chest, head, sinuses and the like.  I suspect it will let go just when my job does in five weeks.  ha.  today I just felt crappy – no appetite and such.  Sheesh.  Uh well.  Complain, etc.

Yes, I did get extended to March 23 – that will be 10 full weeks of work at the great UBC and that is just fine.  Aftr that, I hear I can be on the substitute list and maybe be brought back for a few weeks in – the summer.  All good, good and good.  I’m already dreading of course my lay off but all in all this time there is great and helped me to feel vaguely employable again. Have I mentioned that I LOVE WORKING AT UBC.

I must now go and try and flush my sinuses out.  How’s that for a visual.


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