All good UBC jobs must come to an end

Sniffle.  Well, wee fan base, we knew it was coming.  I have four more weeks – one more session – and then boom, out the UBC door.  Sniffle.  I also found out today that they only need summer teachers for two months at most in the summer and even that is not guaranteed.  Sigh. Well, when I started I thought it was only going to be two weeks and then it stretched to the full 10, so that’s nice.  But really and obviously, I can’t be counting on UBC’s ELI to make a living.  I knew that from the onset and yet.  And yet.  It’s been really great though – pulled me out of my 4 straight months (and 4 days) of unemployment which is great and it helped me develop a much better mindset.  I don’t want to lose that once the hazy days of unemployment start up again.

Well, for the next four weeks I have a nice schedule – I’ll simply be doing a morning class again which is lucky instead of the split shift of last session.  Twas good to have had that though – now I can say I’ve taught a variety of different classes at ELI.  So, back to getting up early but also finishing fairly early in the afternoon and since I’m more used to the schedule, I trust I won’t be as tired in the afternoons!  It’s nice to have my own full morning class back and a somewhat higher level too.

My response to having only four weeks left of (great!) work was to go and buy a bunch of magazines at the magazine store.  Uh well.

Oooh and I’ve already bought a March bus pass – a bit of a treat really.  I’ll only need it for three work weeks but since I don’t have a car anymore I’m sure I’ll more than use it.

Okay, nothing too exciting today.  I’m going to read a magazine and take a nap.

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