I must lure the wee fan base back

4 Mar

Wee (wee) fan base!  I only have three more weeks of work and then I will be back to an everyday blog.

To entice you to keep reading, perhaps I should offer a prize of some sort – hmmm, maybe discounted chocolate from London Drugs.

Anyway, this morning I toodled over to the magazine store in my hood (I know!  A magazine store!) and found the March/April issue of “This Magazine.”  Apparently my copy, along with my cheque for writing the story, is in the mail.  Uh huh.  Anyway, there on p. 28 is my 3000+ word first person article on the changes to employment services in BC.  As y’all know from an earlier entry, I am not at all happy with the way the editor changed my story and put many of her words in my first person mouth, as it were.  I know how editing works having been a journalist back in the Stone Age but ick.  Ick, ick.  I really had to fight her to take out some of the more blatant things she attributed to me that weren’t.  Nonetheless, I have to say she has molded (and partly written) the piece into a darned good article.  I did a ton of research and talked to more than a dozen people.  It really is a complex issue and she managed to make it understandable.

So, there you go..  I’ve had two published pieces in as many months after over 10 years of not pursuing anything.  So that’s kinda nice.  The money I make from the article (not a significant amount in case you are wondering!) is going to go directly to an eye checkup and eeek, probably progressive glasses.  EEEEK!!!!!!!!!f  Well, more than two years ago the eye doc said I would need progressives in two years and that my eye downhillness is right on schedule age wise.  Fabulous, ha.  I can deny it no longer – I simply can’t read small print and reading glasses aren’t so comfortable over my regular glasses.  Time for new frames too me thinks.  This will be expensive but important.  Aging is fun and of course preferable to the alternative.

I’m still loving UBC – love love love love x love and love.  My boss is super duper and at all times very encouraging.  I have three more weeks as I say and then maybe something in May or June.  I’ m not going to rush off and look for any old job but may wait to see what happens at UBC.  That said, it all grinds to a halt there in September so I will have to search once again.  I’ve also been thinking of pursuing an online Masters in TESOL from the University of Southern Queensland in Australia – that is where quite a few teachers are getting theirs.  That way, after 32 week of working at UBC, I would be allowed to be placed on their seniority list.  You just have to be working on a Masters so that’s good.  I wouldn’t have 32 weeks there until next summer at the earliest so I have some time to think about this.  A Masters is really rather expensive but the great part is that it is entirely online and can be done from anywhere with a good internet connection. I know I’ve said repeatedly that I want to get out of ESL but the past months have taught me that it is simply not feasible at this point to get a writing or anything related to a writing job.  Realistically, it isn’t going to happen.  Sigh.  And UBC is redeeming the ESL industry for me.  That said, many in the know folks say that ESL in Vancouver is a dying industry and I agree.  International schools such as they are now will not survive in the long term for many reasons, mainly because students will be learning English in their own countries.  So this is something I need to consider as well.  Also, I am not guaranteed work at UBC. But the intellectual stimulation would be great and I think UBC’s English Language Institute will survive in the longer term.

At any rate, I’ll have a lot of time to think about this come March 24.  I’m of course worried about having that much free time again but it is what is.

Oh and I finally finagled a scanned and e-mailed T4 from the corporation – and that took a lot of e-mail back and forthing and mentioning of official complaints to Revenue Canada.  Wowza that got me immediate action and a response turnaround of time of about 2 minutes.  I was SO relieved to get the T4 – it’s like I can now safely cut the financial ties to the corporation!  Never fear though, my bitterness will stick around for awhile yet.  Phew.  The school remains open but I’ve been hearing about lots and lots of problems.  Wow, six months ago March 9th I was laid off there.  Wowza.

Anyway, tis a cloudy and cold day here in Vancouver.  But spring is around the corner!

7 Responses to “I must lure the wee fan base back”

  1. Carrie March 4, 2012 at 10:49 pm #

    Congratulations on getting published! I’ve been wondering what publication it was for, considering the difficulties you have had with the editor.

    Is there any possibility you could give a range of what you were paid? My edition of The Canadian Writers Market says they pay between $200-$400 for 2000 to 4000 words, but my edition is about 5 years old. Is it more, less, or the same right now? (Your comment about it not being a significant amount is intriguing — everyone has different ideas of what significant means when it comes to money!)

    I have been reading another blog where the author is very honest about how much money he is making/not making while looking for work, in case you are interested (It’s UK based) http://unemployedhack.wordpress.com/

    Or if you are interested in something I wrote about pay ranges in the Archives/Library world: http://eatingouryoung.wordpress.com/2011/08/23/so-how-much-can-you-make-as-an-archivist-really/

    • jobsearchinginvancouver March 5, 2012 at 12:15 am #

      HEY, Great to hear from you! I got 10 cents a word – so $300 although she mentioned at the beginning that it can sometimes be more based on i guess how much research was done or how much work but I expect no more than $300. I guess that is about what you read as well. Quite insignificant I feel based on the amount of work put in – I got half that amount for the job search humour piece that took me half an hour to write. Uh well, I’m just kinda pleased to be published.
      I will definitely check out that UK blog – sounds great and also what you wrote.

  2. Carrie March 5, 2012 at 12:49 am #

    Thanks for confirming… yes, the amount of work necessary for a well-researched piece is scandalous when compared to the $$ compensation. Or the whole idea that writing is “fun” so why should you even expect to be paid……arrgghhh!

    The UK blog has been great to read when I feel I’m going a bit insane never hearing back from any of the people I’ve emailed or called, or from any of the jobs I’ve applied for. It’s a good reminder that I (and my husband, woo, 2 unemployed people living together, good times hahahahahahaha……) am not alone in being perplexed over doing all the right things (advanced education, constantly polishing up skills to stay current, seeking “expert” advice on how to write better cover letters, re-format resumes, interviewing skills…..) yet the fact is that there are not enough jobs out there. It absolutely astounds me that there are people out there who think that being unemployed = lazy.

    • jobsearchinginvancouver March 5, 2012 at 1:12 am #

      yeah, you are so terrifyingly right that there aren’t enough jobs out there. Me thinks that is why some of my fomer colleagues are choosing to stay at the rapidly sinking corporation where I used to work. If that’s not the reason, then I really don’t get it. Rumour is some of them are starting to fight amongst themselves which is what I figured would eventually happen. I’d love to see them get out of that weirdness but at the same time, that would just be more people competing for the same kind of jobs I want. Long live the sinking ship!
      i’ve just skimmed through a big of the UK blog – I love how he writes about watching daytime TV but ironically. So true! Hence my obsession with The Waltons and oddly the terrible, “The Talk’ show. On Friday, Sharon Osborne said vehemently that she hates hypocrites which seemed innately wrong because for some reaason I’m sure she is a hypocrite.

  3. Thomas March 5, 2012 at 9:00 pm #

    Hello Karen,

    Nice to hear that you are getting back to the blog but not so nice the current job is coming to an end soon.
    Just wrapped up the three week careers course last week. Learned a couple of things but overall in many ways seemed to be a bit of a waste of time.
    On the job front myself I had put all of my employment eggs into this one basket in the month of February. It looked good, great job, fantastic pay etc etc etc. I breezed through the first interview and then after the second heard through email that it is not going to be.
    You talk about a let down and I must say a great deal of depression.
    The clock is ticking on my EI, in fact I am six weeks away from resorting to savings and then rsp’s. At least I have them and shouldn’t be on the street just yet.
    This whole “no job thing” is one huge downer.

    • jobsearchinginvancouver March 6, 2012 at 2:26 am #

      yikes – that is awful! Such anticipation and then a letdown.

    • jobsearchinginvancouver March 6, 2012 at 2:30 am #

      Oh and i figured that that three week course wouldn’t be so useful – just a gut feeling which you confirmed. After this month it will be no more anyway.

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