18 Mar

I am often bored, tis true.  And bored and me, hmmm, too much time for my brain to latch on to whatever it wants to latch onto..

This upcoming week is my last at UBC, sniffle and such and sniffle.  I’ll be on their sub list which is nice but that is rare and random apparently and also apparently isn’t the best paying.  Uh well.

I’ve been hearing from a few former colleagues that they are on or have had interviews, etc, to sub at different downtown schools.  Rumour is that sometimes no lesson plans are left.  And the teachers only call you back if they ‘like’ you so i.e. if you complain about the lack of a lesson plan, then you won’t be called again.  Yuck, popularity contests.  I could actually feel my stomach turning at the thought of it all.  Physically repulsed, pulse quickening, yuck, yuck, yuck.

And finally, yuck.

I”m hoping to be hired on to the ‘Explore’ program which all the universities run in the summer but UBC runs at the end of May.  It’s a month exactly and it’s for Quebec kids between 16-25 I think.  Wow, that would be . . . interesting.  But that would dovetail nicely into the nine weeks of the summer short programs.  Not sure though – one of the months in May was cancelled due to low enrollment I imagine.  And of course seniority teachers get first pick of all of this . . . Either way, come September (or the end of June if I get no work, tis my EI will run out) I’ve gotta once again, make some new plans.  Sigh.


My great UBC boss has had to go to Montreal as her father is very very ill so she won’t be around for the last week of the program.  I shall miss her this week – I always went down to her desk and chatted and what not.  And, she thinks me and my e-mails to her are hilarious so that is always good. 

I usually finish around 1 or 1:30 these days at UBC and that leaves quite a chunk of the day.  I know I should be spending it, say looking for work or writing or in some other useful and stimulating endeavour but in general I don’t seem to.  With the weather being a bit nicer – (fingers crossed for it remaining that way) I should be getting back to more cycling so that will be nice.  Otherwise, the days are long long and long.  If my job were permanent and those hours were permanent, I could get another job practically (although some days are longer with meetings and such) but in limbo, not so much. 

As I’ve said, it is hard to be unemployed again.  But, a new reference is great great and great.

Book Warehouse is closing!  Eeek! There are almost literally no bookstores left in Vancouver, except of course for Chapters.

Friday was a good day I must say.  The field trip was Science World and I basically set the students loose there for a couple of hours and then we all met up again.  I hadn’t been to Science World in years and years.  I found it interesting and of course, full of spring break children.  There’s a skiing machine thingy that usually costs but was free! at Science World (of course Science World itself isn’t free but twas in the budget so UBC paid.  Nice).  I couldn’t get on the skiing thingy though as children seemed to want to use it and I think it would have looked oddd if I had booted them off.  Ha and ha.  The wheelchair race was fun but we discovered that the yellow one I think is set much much harder than the red one.  Or is it the other way around.  I knew there was a reason I had handily beaten the 21 year old triathlon athlete cultural assistant.  I am so competitive.  “I BEAT YOU!” I shouted out, while the students took photos.

Took the great but lesser known #84 bus home (the #99 gets all of the attention) and the students went on the skytran to go downtown to a Greek restaurant.  I’m glad they are finally getting some decent weather.  They are only here for four weeks and three of those weeks have been cold and rainy, poor dears.  They went to Stanley Park the other day in their afternoon class and were quite cold.  Other students got lost looking for, well, Lost Lagoon.  We do actually teach the students in the classroom as well but there is a big focus on field trips and contact assignments with Canadians – UBC students or the general public.  It’s fast and furious and they are only here as I say for four weeks.  One of the afternoon teachers was doing very cool things like a tour of the Orpheum Theatre.  I wanted to go on that one.  This week we won’t have a field trip as we had two last week but I have a friend coming in next week to speak about food safety I think.  Guest speakers are encouraged as it gives the students other Canadian voices to listen to.  She is really going all out an prepping and making it interactive so that is great.

Then I rode my bike up to the awesome Glenda’s (well, had to walk it up the steep hills, way out of shape I am).  She was having two teachers from the corporation over for lunch.  Actually,, they were making it – lots of Chinese food from scratch – bean curd stuff, shrimp, rice bread (who knew?), miso soup.  I’d had a hamburger at the overpriced White Spot at Science World because I knew they’d be eating quite late and I was a last minute addition so wasn’t sure I should impose my appetite on them.  Anyway, they cooked and ate and we chatted for close to four hours.  Fun, fun.  Oh and Glenda had made these superb blueberry scones.

That evening,  pal Tracy and i went to Red Ginger at Oak and Broadway with a coupon! and had too much fake Chinese food (my favourite, I must admit).  Laughing and eating.  Fun again.

That was a full day for me!  I’m used to be much more hermit like, which is against my natural extinct.

All the bookstores in Vancouver are closing.  That is not a good thing, people.  Yes, libraries, of course and always.  They are sacred.

3 Responses to “bored.”

  1. Carrie March 19, 2012 at 1:26 am #

    Pulpfiction is still open!
    At least it’s open for now….

    • jobsearchinginvancouver March 19, 2012 at 2:43 am #

      True. But I’m permanently angry at them because last summer when I brought in some great books to see if they would buy them – really! like new short stories, literary fiction from great authors, etc, – he not only wouldn’t take them but basically mocked! them saying I must have had them left over from a yard sale! Seriously, though, it was an odd comment. I took my suitcase and skulked home. What was fun though was setting up on Commercial Drive in front of Grandview Park in the summer with a blanket and my books at $1 each (the next time I did it I went for $2 each). In one day I made $50, including one woman who just said to me to suggest books I thought were good and she’d buy them – she bought 12 I think. Mind you, other days I sold nothing but it was fun. I think I’ll do that again this year. Oh and that used bookstore that used to be at Granville and Broadway has just moved to Vine and Broadway. I found a great used bookstore in West Van of all places – they had switched places with the one on 4th and Commercial but left West Van I think last September as they couldn’t make it there. No surprise really as I think those in West Van only buy new books because they all have money. They were trying to move to Main Street but don’t know if they found a new location. I like the bookstore in Bellingham in Fairhaven and of course, the great Powells books in Portland. If EI didn’t freak out when you go south of the border, I would go back to Portland once unemployed again.

      • Carrie March 20, 2012 at 8:13 pm #

        That is so frustrating — having your books mocked. Ridiculous. The last time I unloaded piles of books was when I was in Montreal and lived just a couple of blocks from a used book store with non-assholes working there. The ones they didn’t take, I left on the curb outside our place, then peeked through the window as everything slowly disappeared.

        I’ve never actually been to Pulpfiction. The women in my book club were talking about the book stores closing down, but I don’t have any strong attachment to any bookstores here — too new to the city? But I am hopelessly in love with the library. And poking around in MacLeod’s downtown is a good way to lose a lot of money.

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