The giveaway is still on

27 Mar

And will remain on until I get 15 comments on one post.

Come on back, wee wee fan base.  The wee-ist of all fan bases.

Oh, I have to say, that my birthday is on Friday and I am accepting all presents.  Nothing is too small (or large).  No one will be turned away at the door.  It’s very Jesus like really, my acceptance of all gifts.

Well, today was my first day back in the ranks of the great unemployed.  But not the great unwashed. As an unemployed person, I actually shower more often and take more baths.  As in,’okay, I’ve had my nap (which by the by, really messes up my sleeping at night) so now I shall take a bath lasting between one and six hours.’

I’ve already proven today that whilst unemployed, I spend more money.  I had to go over to Broadway and Commercial this morning for an appointment.  After the appointment, I walked down the Drive, planning to get some fruits and vegetables.  That is a good use of money as produce is cheaper on the Drive than in my neck of the woods. And heck!  I have the time.  I also got some great Havarti cheese.  Anyway, I just popped into a used bookstore where I usually don’t find anything but I found a few things . . . Yes, yes, I know, I know and finally, I know.

As a side note, I just want to say that MY COUGH IS BACK.  What the heck!!!!!!!!!!!  Aaargh so annoying and annoying and annoying. As such, I’ve made an appointment with my GP for next week, the earliest she can see me.  I never ever see her as she is way the heck out in North Van.and it is actually impossiblle to get a new GP in this crazy town.  My cough may be gone by then but I have a few prescriptions, etc.She is actually more of a pregnant woman/baby doc but years ago I knew her sister and so got in that way.  She’s not a bad doctor but wowza you usually have to wait at least an hour past your appointment time.  Uh well, it will be a lovely day trip next week.  I think her sister and I kinda fell out.  Yes we did, years ago come to think of it. Plus, our lives were so different. She has four (almost grown now) children, is quite conservative, likes suburbia,is quite religious etc. 

I’m going to try and continue to get up fairly early (i.e earlier than 10 am) because wowza it took me about two weeks of working at UBC before I wasn’t exhausted.  That said, I’m not sure what I will do with the extra time.  Hmmm.  I shall write in my blog.  I shall exercise.  I shall apply into the cyberspace black hole for jobs.  I shall cough.  I shall read.  I shall play online backgammon (so, so addictive).  I shall visit Maggie May in North Van. It’s hard for her right now – her two babies (one is 2 years, one just 5 months) are both sick with the intestinal flu and the older one is actually in hospital for two days to get her electrolytes and stomach acid re-balanced.  Poor little girl!  Poor Maggie. Sniffle.  Today apparently though the two year old is perking up and smiling and such but they are keeping her I think one more night as a precaution.  Sniffle.

The thing is though, I can do all of those things I listed and watch The Waltons even if I get up uber late. Oh boy.  Oh boy.

And finally, oh boy.

The weather, after a gloriously sunny weekend, has returned to rain and cold.  Sigh.  Well not super cold. 


Oh!  After a working leave of absence where I go to bed ridiculously early, I am returning to my writers’ group tonight!  And I’m reading. Eight years ago I began a series of short stories built around a character I’ve named Georgia.  She is based (name changed of course) on a roommate I had in 2004 who was eccentric and we fought and fought and fought.  To save money, she and the other roommate would not turn on the heat in November. It was a cute little house (since torn down and re-built) in East Van.  The lack of heat got to me. She did have a great line once though and I used it in one of the stories.  Our roommate, I’ll just call him Fred, was odd as well.  He had a weird girlfriend who was creepy and all sorts.  Once, when she was in the shower, she told the roommate I write about to ‘call her a cab.’  So enraged was my roommate that she shouted through the door, “You’re a cab.”  I tell you, you can’t buy this stuff.

  She would steal from her ESL workplace those big industrial one ply toilet rolls, that kind of a thing.  In my writing, she is a mixture of the roommate, me and my imagination.  People in my writing group keep commenting that ‘no one could really be that neurotic and selfish.”  Ha!  Ha!  How little they really know me.  I keep putting her in more outlandish and surreal situations and it is fun and makes me laugh and some folks are entertained.  Others can’t stand the character.  So interesting.  So I shall cough at my writing group.

Tomorrow morning, I shall return to the morning to early afternoon mindfulness meditation.  Well, depending on the coughing.  And in the afternoon I’m hanging a bit with Barth.  Remember Barth?  We were unemployed together for awhile.  Now he has a job he loves but he works about a half hour/45 minute walk from me, so that’s good.  But he works right near a Chapters and we all know of my OCD reading habit and spending habit because it makes me feel good during the terror of unemployment.  Yup.

I’m back to blogging daily.  I’m sure the wee fan base will jump right back up.  Yup.


3 Responses to “The giveaway is still on”

  1. Barth March 27, 2012 at 2:38 am #

    Aack! No, no one remembers because you called me ‘B’. Now all of your friends will realize how fun I am and will want to be friends with me, too. On second thought … hi, cool, Karen’s friends.

  2. Schnee March 27, 2012 at 5:56 am #

    Cripes! I’d totally forgotten your birthday was coming up! Happy Almost-Birthday to you! And for the sake of your wee fan base who are not members of writers’ group, the latest Georgia Chronicle was superb. Really, you should create some buzz by giving your readers tasters. Maybe re-write some of the older stuff.

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