A new low I have sunk to

28 Mar

Wait for it.  I was reading People magazine at the Granville and Broadway Chapters today.  Head hung.  Hung head.  And I had to get it from the main floor and bring it up to the 2nd floor where there are chairs. 

Two days of unemployment, people, and I have sunk to this.

Sink.  sinking.  sunk.

Uh well.

Unemployment is so odd.  It hasn’t taken me long to get me back into the mentality, whatever that is.  When I was working at the worshipped UBC for 10 short! weeks, I would sometimes get home, at least in the last four weeks, say about 2 pm.  So I’d be bored but somehow employed bored so it was vaguely better.  Uh well.

COUGH.  So annoying.

What else?  I rode my bike to meet B. today at Starbucks at 7th and Granville.  Prior to that, I was early, so I went to Chapters and read said People magazine.  It was nice to see B., has been awhile and very nice to chat with someone!

Hmmm.  Sorry, quite uninspired today.

Have Oprah behind the scenes on.  Oprah often says something like ‘your purpose in life is to find out who you really are.”  Perhaps,I guess.  If you have like a job and food and stuff.

Hmmm.  I’m trying to think of something more interesting and upbeat so as not to scare the wee fan base away.  Seems I had 44 views yesterday!  Woohoo!  There is something to posting every day after all.

I’m poking around Facebook and looking at photos of people I haven’t seen in years.  So interesting really. 

Anyway, I shall post something vaguely more interesting later perhaps.


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