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29 Mar

Stop the presses and etc!

First, I would like to thank Maggie May and Rev. Beth for taking my numerous calls and texts today.  Boredom breeds me calling a lot.  You two were always kind and never once said, “PLEASE STOP INFLICTING ME WITH YOUR BORED AND NIHILISTIC COMA.  I HAVE MY OWN LIFE.”    Very kindly.

Well, there was that moment of sun earlier so around noon I thought I’d better get outside and do some exercise. If I didn’t, I knew I would laze around and play internet backgammon all day.  Not that there is anything wrong with that.

Out came my bicycle.  I headed off, not really knowing where I was going. I ended up on the walking/bike path to Stanley Park, which was of course a whole lot less crowded today than it was on Saturday when there was something called sun.  Twas windy!  I’m still not back in tip top shape so I was huffing and a puffing.  I decide to bike to Denman and Georgia,, then catch the bus to North Van and yes yes, the North Van library.  Well, might as well use March’s bus pass I say.  I thought that the #240 to Vancouver smelled of alcohol but when I was in the library, I realized that for some reason I smelled of alcohol (interesting, as I don’t drink.  Shame, really.  That would fill the days – drinking and then say a little AA).  So I was standing by the new arrival books sniffing my jacket.  Let me just say this, people, a little more deodorant on long bike ride days would not kill me. 

I took out four books, all non-fiction sadly.  It’s been difficult to find fiction that I like lately.  Hmmm.  One of the books is by the wife of that soldier who 6 years ago got axed in the head.  It’s about his recovery, which I’ve seen on The Fifth Estate.  These books are generally ghost written but the quality of the writing is usually not that great, but the topic is.  TIt for tat or some such.  I also got, ‘The Science of Empathy’ by Sacha Baron Cohen’s brother, who is big in the field of autism.  And one on the 2008 mountain climbing tragedy on K2 and one on modern day India, written by a young fellow who went there to do his research and worked at a call centre. Interesting.  This should do me for the next day or so.  That would be an impressive reading speed but I think it just means that I don’t have enough to do! 

Took the bus back and was pleased to see that my bike hadn’t been stolen.  Oooh, the ride home was difficult!  Many uphill situations.  I often shout out,”Aaargh!!!!!!”  I had to stop at Starbucks for a cookie. Had to be done.  I really should stretch now.

Tonight, I have my wee bible study at my wee United Church.  This is the bible study taught by the Hebrew scholar who doesn’t in any way take the bible literally.  I haven’t gone for a few months but I do enjoy it.  I’m always the one repetitively saying, ‘and you study this book why?”  I find her knowledge fascinating and quite challenging intellectually.  Fascinating to know the contexts and the original meanings of the words.  My friends find it all rather hilarious, as I tend to rail against Christianity when given the chance.  “So you are an atheist who goes to church?” queried one.  Well, no, not an atheist.  On Sunday I was late to F’s birthday park afternoon because I’d been signed up to read the scriptures that morning and I’d skipped so much I was trying to have a shred of integrity.  “So you are going to be late because you need to go to your wee church and read from something you don’t believe in and make way too many cutting comments about that are hurtful to some?”  Well, that isn’t an exact quote but gives the general idea.  I realize there is the she ‘doth protest too much’ argument but that is not the case here.  Anyway, yes,a wee bible study.

I can tell the owie bike ride has invigorated me since I seem to have much more to write.  I just wrote a ‘hello’ note to the head of programs at ELI and she wrote back that they can only guarantee me August work and won’t know about June and July until the beginning of May.  No problem!  I said.  Realistically, I can’t sit around for April, May, June and July doing nothing but I told her to pencil me in for August.  I suspect something may come up ahead of that and that she is being extra cautious as you have to be. Either way though, nothing would get under way until the end of May and I’m not thinking I can wait that long either.  And then it will all wrap up in September.  So, hmmmm . . . . I do note that things pop up at times that I least expect them to (as the most recent UBC gig did) so that’s good too.  Realistically, of course, I can’t continue to  live in the most expensive city in Canada without work.  But I don’t want to move – my people are here!  And as you get older, people are harder to find. I have long standing friendships here that mean a lot to me and for someone with my brain, really keep me going, not to put too dramatic a point on it.  I’ve of course lived in different cities and all sorts but I’m not really eager to again.  Last time I mentioned this, some suggested I move to Ottawa.  I’m still thinking not on that one.  I do love Vancouver, as much as I complain (me? never) about the constant rain.  Tis my town, Vancouver is.  If I can make it here, I can make it anywhere.  It’s up to you, Vancouver, Vancouver.

What I really feel like doing is going to London again for a visit.  Alas, no money of course.  I wonder if the government would sponsor me to go there?

Also, I keep meaing to write the premier as she seems to be promising all of these jobs.  I want to ask her where my job is.

The giveaway is still on.  Let’s make it happen, people.


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  1. Thomas March 30, 2012 at 12:58 am #

    If you think about it ask her where my job is too would you 😉

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