okay, so not every day.

2 Apr

But every day soon.  Back to blogging every day soon.

I overcaked and overchipped yesterday, so I’ve eaten little today and now I’m while not hungry, kinda starving-ish.  Weird.

Wow!  I found out that a former colleague from the corporation is reading my blog! Thank you B!  Welcome to the wee wee fan base.

Oh and it is sunny and warm today suddenly and unexpectedly!  Woohoo!  I went on my bike to Spanish Banks and sat for awhile and people and dog watched.  Sometimes I find that difficult when I’m alone and brain la la la la la and nihilism and la la la but today wasn’t too bad.  I dare say I almost enjoyed it.  I rarely say or write I dare say but it seems to fit here.  La la la and la la.

My birthday was Friday and Tracy  kindly came out to Kits with her dog, Buddy.  It was cold and rainy (shocking) but we walked around and then had lunch at a small(and relatively inexpensive!) Japanese restaurant near the beach, nice.

I believe this text helped convince Tracy to come on over:  I CANNOT BE ALONE ON MY BIRTHDAY ALL DAY AND BE UNEMPLOYED.

Then Tracy went home and a while later, Fiona and Glenda took the next shift.  Fiona was feeling ill so she slept in my bed and Glenda and I played a rather dull game of Scrabble (she would agree.  In fact, she said that) and then did some writing from creative writing prompts.  Nice.  Then over to Milestones where we met up with several friends and had dinner and a great carrot cake that Glenda made.  It was filled with icing and icing and icing and carrots and cake.  It is one of my favourite kinds of cake. Sniffle, very nice of her.  So thanks to my friends who made it out.  They are a good bunch of folks.  I’ve even got a couple of heavy hitting 1960s civil rights movement people in there as well as a former city councillor. I’ve known one of the invitees for almost 24 years holy smokes o-rama.  And then there is Tracy, who seems to describe herself as my ”non-sexual wife.”  This is not to imply that she is non-sexual (lordy) but rather that, well, you know, we are platonic but have known each other for so long and speak to each other in ways that we would speak to no one else that makes it a bit marriagey I suppose.  And Fiona! has been back in the city for more than six months so it was nice to have her there too.  And others and etc.  These are nice people, all of them.  I keep saying that but I am continually shocked that nice people, genuinely nice people, hang out with me.  And a nice age range.  Nice folks.  Lucky me.

And yet, another year in my 40s (no one needs to know the exact age, also, I think I am lying about that now) and I’m kinda ho ho hum.  Hum ho.  ho ho hum ho ho and nihilistic and ho hum. 

What else?  As I’ve been mentioning, my wee United Church is having to move out of the great building we are in just 5 minutes walk from my abode (or 6) and into somewhere else, farther away (much farther, possibly).  The reason for the move is complicated but necessary.  I gotta say, I’m not at all sure I will continue once it does move.  And I’m not at all sure how many of the about 30 people in the congregation will move.  It just . . . I don’t know how committed I am to staying once I can’t walk there anymore.   I’m always looking for something solid in life that won’t change after having so much change in the last year or so.  Of course, things always change and go with the flow and such and like that.  Anyway, I’ll see how that goes.  I’ve had a good run of about 4.5 years at this wee church, and two ministers.  It might be time for something else.  That said, I’ve met great folks there, and three of them were at my wee party on Friday.  I”d miss the lovely Rev. Beth but really, she’s only around to see the transition through anyway. 

I’ve decided, wait for it people, to be upbeat about the upcoming week.

“I’m sensing something good will happen,” I say to pal Tracy on my cell phone from the beach.

“Well, yes,” said she, “Something good will happen to someone this week, just not necessarily you.”

“True.  I said.  But come on, I’m trying here.”

“That’s sweet,” she said.

I do love what she wrote on my birthday card:  “May each birthday bring you the usual ecstatic delirium with which you are so well known for.”


I got some great gifts, including some great handmade knitted bright pink clog slippers from B!  Awesome.  And the Glenda and hubby Ian know me quite well so they got me a gift certificate to UBC Bookstore.

“I’m going to go up there this week!” I tell them.  “Of course, the pain of being reminded where I no longer work might be great, but I shall overcome.”

Glenda smiled and smooshed my face into the carrot cake.  Not really.

Fiona gave me some lovely brownies and the New Internationalist magazine!  Coo-el.

And there was a gift certificate to the movies and etc.

And that evening Tracy showed me a website where I can watch tv shows like Nurse Jackie that I don’t get on my tv!  Wonderful!  It  is so so hard to find a website that lets you watch these shows for free and doesn’t demand your cell phone number and such.  you have to jump through some hoops but you do eventually get there.  I’ve even been watching Hot in Cleveland which can actually be laugh out loud funny at times. And at times not.  Wendy Mallick, by the way, is way too thin and it makes her look sick.

And we soldier on.


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