Discussion of a celebrity nature.

6 Apr

Since I’m in an inert bored and depressed unemployed coma, I’ve decided to write about celebrities.  First though, my eyes are bugging out of my head due to the hours and hours I spend watching the tv show, ‘The Big C’ on the internet.  That’s done now as I’ve watched all of it.  Still reading a lot though and internet-ing so eyes are bugged out.

Maggie May had to cancel this week due to the poor thing now having the stomach flu herself.  That is some strong and long living virus they have in that there abode.  First the kids, then the nephew and now the Maggie May.  She was feeling better by the time I talked to her but still not great.  “I understand, Maggie May,” I said and reminded her of my brush with the vomiting/diarrhea virus on Dec. 18 of 2011.  “It is not as fun as you’d think,” I told her.  “Oh sure, it sounds all fancy schmancy with the vomiting and the wretching and the pooping and the dehydration resulting in drinking water before you should.  But it’s not that great.’

“At least I lost some weight,” said she.   “You’ll gain it back,”  I said.  She’s sterilizing her home as we speak.  Thank you, Maggie May.

Oh, before the celebrity talk, in exciting news, I am going to attempt to eat oatmeal for the first time in my life. I’ve always been kinda grossed out by the whole thing but it is supposed to be healthy and filling which is not such a big issue now, but if I should ever ever ever get a job, it will be good.  And plus, I’ll be eating less bread.  Etc

“Get steel cut oats,’ said B.

I seem to have Nature’s Path variety packs actually in my cupboard and I have no idea whatsoever how they got there.  I’ll try it out tomorrow.  This is real life as it happens, people.


Okay, celebrities.  Apparently Alec Baldwin is engaged to the 28 year old yoga instructor who helped him to lose weight.  My take on Alec Baldwin is that he is smart and funny and also an emotional abuser.  His anger is always just below the surface and apparently he was extremely emotionally abusive to Kim Basinger and I can see it.  Some of the things he says, his violent message to his daughter, his calling his daughter and threatening suicide unless his 15-year-old daughter agrees to visit him . . . . classic manipulator.  The 28 year old must just worship him but I give it a year until he starts to mess with her mind.    But, you know, good on him for losing weight.

I’ve tried to get into the new tv show, “Missing” but alas, cannot.  I give it four more episodes until it is cancelled.  Too bad because Ashley Judd is a good actress, even though her face looks painfully tight now.  And the European locations of the show are great.  But still, it is missing something.  Ha!  A joke and I didn’t even know it.

As mentioned above, I kinda liked “The Big C.”  It’s on Showtime so I can only watch it online.  I’ve never really warmed to Laura Linney but she is great in this.  And I find the actor who plays her brother kinda hot, even though he is not conventionally hot.  The show focusses and obsesses too much on sex, especially with the 15 year old son.  I don’t know if it’s because Showtime allows swearing and semi-nudity and that maybe creators think a show is hipper and cooler if it’s constantly dealing with sex but it just seems a bit much.  And I’m no sex on TV prude, goodness knows I loved Queer as Folk.  It just seems repetitive here.  But it’s quirky so that’s good.  Cynthia Nixon was on for awhile and it was rather fascinating to see her in a character so different from Miranda on Sex and the City. 

Demi Moore has been awfully quiet lately and I bet she’ll be on the cover of People magazine soon talking about how she has overcome.

I’ve been watching ‘Hot in Cleveland’ on the internet lately and while it is definitely hit and miss, when it is funny, it is funny funny.  LOL and such.

And I got to see Nurse Jackie online!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Kudos to pal Tracy for showing me a new website that streams these shows.

I obsess about my inertness.  Shocking, I realize.  I did ride my bike back up to UBC again today which was a bit soon but was probably a good thing.  Maybe a little swimming on Saturday.

I skipped my weekly non-literal bible study as well as this evening”s Thursday before Easter potluck at the minister’s manse.  I didn’t know what a manse was either till someone told me.  Well, actually it is the minister’s minister husband’s manse. A manse, by the way, is what the United Church provides to their ministers – either a house or housing money.  Other denominations did this apparently too but don’t now, I think.  But I’m not sure.  It’s a nice perk, for sure, especially if your church is in Shaughnessy!  Well, good on them. It’s not like ministers make a whole lot of money.  That said, I would love a) a job and b) a job with a manse!  Or like a condo.  Or a studio apartment.  I probably shouldn’t be skipping these things, these potlucks and such but there you go.  Inertia.  Fear not, once I actually get a job I’ll return to a better place, less blobby.  I can’t scare away the fan base!

Had coffee with B. again today and that was nice.  We people watched for awhile which I do enjoy.

And finally, now that Regis is no longer there, I don’t think ‘Live with Kelly’ is going to survive.  They are re-doing the studio apparently but still . . . you don’t know how much you need Regis until he isn’t there anymore.

C’est ca.



2 Responses to “Discussion of a celebrity nature.”

  1. B April 6, 2012 at 12:56 pm #

    What about the raggedy guy that we were watching while he checked out the motorbike? And then he realized we were watching him, so he came over to the window and did a silly jester thing? And then he went back and checked out the motorbike some more? And then he went and stood in the middle of the street? I was sort of glad that we were sitting inside. “This is real life as it happens, people.”

  2. Maggie Morris April 7, 2012 at 4:14 am #

    I agree with your psychological assessment of Alec Baldwin…..very charming, funny but perhaps a bit of a sociopath ?

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