I want to ride my bicycle

30 Apr

And so I do.  The weather is becoming more fair-weathery, which is when I’ll ride my bicycle – so like April to October, if I’m lucky.

Up and down the hills, particularly the rather brutal W. 8th Avenue hills just past Highbury.  Up, up, up, up and then finally, up.

Huff puff.

Today my wee United Church was having a combined service with four other churches in the area in an effort, I think, to get us used to the whole amalgamating thing.  I needed to be around folks so I decided to go.   Taking the bus would have been not direct and annoying, so biked.  The church (less wee than mine) was right at the top of the hills.  Wowza, challenging but I did it.  Good good.  I can feel my body (if not my pounding heart yet) getting used again to the hills so that’s nice.  Not that it’s easy.  I huff and I puff and I huff and huff.  And finally, huff.  Muscles tense up – not so great but I can do it, darn it.  Etc.

So I walked into the church rather sweaty, rather huffy puffy.  I was late, so it was already very very full.  I found a seat.  After, there was a wee lunch so that was nice.  Cycling back home was much, much easier!  The coasting on the downhills is like the reward really.

Well, this week I’ve got a few things up.  I’m reading at my writers’ group tomorrow (Monday) evening and I’ve half completed (and I’ll read just the half) yet another Georgia story.  I’ve described the Georgia stories on here before – based on an old roommate, I began to write around this character 8! years ago.  The stories are absurd and sardonic and funny, frankly.  Publishable?  Well, I’ve submitted one of the stronger stand alone stories a few places in the past but meh.  What I want to do is get together the stories – edit quite harshly the earlier pieces and then finally put them together as, “The Georgia Chronicles.”   I might put one or two of them on here.  I did that on my old blog.  Georgia, she has been good to me.

What else?  I’m observing an ELSA class on Tuesday afternoon at that unnamed two-zone away place (probably not the place you may think, although you may not be thinking about it at all!) for free but uh well.  There is also to be an interview early in the week (don’t know when yet) – quite a brutal one I hear and from the information sent to me, oh yeah, brutal –  for 10 weeks of work that would start May 22nd.  And then I’ve been told that I almost certainly have three more weeks at UBC’s ELI in August so that would all work out quite well.  Yeah, short term contracts again and yeah, being bounced at at the end of August will be a tricky time to look for work yet again but the 13 weeks (with one week off before the ELI gig) would not be bad.  The 10 week job would be a challenge to be sure and would involve morning, afternoon and evening work.  Going, going type thing, lots of prep.  Hours.  But I’d like it, I think, great experience.  The first step though, is the interview.  Trying not to put too much pressure on myself as I figure if I don’t get it, well . . . something else will come up and I’d be a bit relieved, frankly, since it is one tough gig!  In the spirit of honesty, I’ve e-mailed the coordinator of the ElSA thingy to let her know that I might have that interview this week and that that would affect my subbing availability obviously.  She’s asked me to let her know these things and frankly, realizes that I’ve gotta go where the work is.  Anyway, I’m jumping ahead of myself.

Jump jump.

And, if nothing else comes up, I’ll have that 3 day (well two half days and one full day) ‘career exploration’ course at the ‘new and improved’ employment centre.  Busy, busy.

Oh!  On Friday I had the honour! of babysitting wee 16 month old Rosie while G. had a phone thingy. We went to the park.  She’s recently taken an interest in bringing her baby doll everywhere so she went down the slide and then the baby doll went down the slide.  And then the baby doll got dropped on the sand.  I so respected that.  Cute little girl and I so enjoy hanging out with her.  G’s phone thingy ended earlier than she thought, so after about 20 minutes she came to the park.

“I’m exhausted,” I said.

She laughed.  The biggest laugh, the uproarious hysterical laughter, happened when I handed Rosie a plastic baggie of fish crackers and somehow expected her to know what to do with it.

“Okay,” I said after the 18th minute, “That is enough.”

“Sorry,” snorted G.

We went inside, Rosie went to bed and G. let me watch two episodes! of thirtysomething on Netflix.

“This is so whitebread,” she said.

“Have you been talking to Maggie and her mother?” I asked.  “Look, it’s Miles Drentell!  I’m going to have to IMDB this episode to see what all the guest actors are doing now.”

G. feeds me grilled cheese, lets me watch thirtysomething and play with Rosie.  This gives me a reason to live.  Oh, the drama.

Watch these pages for updates on my exciting week.


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