Make sure you know your bib number

Well, tiny fan base (also sometimes known as wee), I actually did a bit of volunteering over the weekend.  It was just three hours but volunteers did not build Rome in a day after all, or something like that.  And I got a t-shirt!  The BMO sponsored Vancouver marathon was this past weekend.  I’d wanted to volunteer on the actual day, but they had me up for Saturday at the Vancouver Convention Centre, where runners signed up and where there was also the ‘health’  fair or some such buy stuff from us thing.

My role was to stand in front of boards with bib numbers, which runners needed before they could register farther down the line.  “Make sure you have your bib number!” I said as they walked past, over and over and over.  I did not mind this, although my back got soreish.  It was kinda fun.  Although I kept saying ‘bin’ instead of ‘bib’.  I think bin is easier to say when you have to say it repeatedly.   Hmmm, interesting.  A few people asked me questions about where to eat, where the skytrain was, etc.  Many many international folks  were running in the marathon.  And people of all shapes, sizes and ages too.  42 kilometres!!!!!!!!  I quiver at the thought.  There was the half-marathon too.

I used to run (er jog) and got quite serious about it too – at one point ran up to 90 minutes.  It was the best way to lose weight, I found and the best natural anti-anxiety.  But, alas, my knees complained but more importantly, my ankles.  My joints are naturally loose and my ankles, one long ago badly sprained, started to give out at random times and I’d tumble to the ground. This still happens sometimes but usually only after I’ve been wearing bad shoes or some such but still.  Even after I do the elliptical I find this.  Yikes.  So now I fair weather cycle and swim (Kits pool opens on May 19th!!!!!!).  It’s going to be chilly but I shall be there, I think with Glenda unless she is still in Italy.  So really, during the winter months, I don’t so much exercise. On Friday, I rode 20 miles or so, up to UBC and then around NW Marine Drive to 41st and back to Kitsilano.  And yesterday to Queen Elizabeth Park and back.  A lot for an old gal, I’m telling you.  I’d texted my epic ride to my former UBC boss.  She texted back, saying she had just done the Grouse Grind.  And this woman is older than I am by a bit and a half.  “Uh yes, I texted back, but did you ride your bike up the grind?”

Anyway, on Sunday morning the full length marathoners were running by a block from my place at around 10 am.  I stood out there for about half an hour cheering them on.  One woman, a volunteer, was shouting out their names (which are on their bibs) and you could see that it was so encouraging for them.  I teared up actually.  People were running in this incredibly long race and others were cheering them on.  Sniffle, sniffle and outright crying on my part.  The fellow who won the marathon is from Ethiopia I believe and came in at around 2 hours and 21 minutes, which means he ran faster than a four minute mile the whole way.  Whoa, whoa and whoa. 

And so that was my volunteering.  I’m sure I could have volunteered more but I didn’t know when I signed up if I would be working or not.  Tricky.

Hmmm, so I’m still free until the first teacher/coordinator/head of dept. meeting on May 14, up at a bistro at UBC. I believe it is a free lunch!!!!!  Yee haw, I say.  It’s kinda unpaid but I don’t mind so much.  At that point we will meet our team teachers (morning classes are shared by two teachers) and hopefully get more of an idea on how to prep.  Then aa week to prep and boom, May 22, although we don’t meet the students until May 23 when we test them in the morning, teach in the afternoon and go on a 3 hour welcome cruise with them around Burrard Inlet.  I believe there will be alcohol on board (all students must be at least 19 to attend Explore) so should be . . . interesting indeed. 

Three months of work with a week off at the end of the first session – unpaid but what can you do.  Of course I’m already thinking ahead to August 24 when I will be unemployed again!  UBC”s student numbers have been very low and all sorts and the next short programs don’t begin until Feb and they often only use the teachers they already have and etc.  Sigh.  Yes, I know, I know, thinking too much ahead!  Aw . . . . just being realistic.  ESL peaks in the summer and dies in the fall/winter.  However, the three months of work will be a great chance to be at UBC and to be like a normal (well) person again and etc. and not just spending money.  I really do have to start to try and wake up early again and etc.

What else?  I thought there was something else?  La la la la la la.  Oh, I did watch a documentary about a woman who loves objects and married the Eiffel Tower but really, that is just disturbing and sensationalistic and thus great to watch.

Kits pool, wee wee fan base.  Be there.



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