Teeth, and a fan in the wee fan base I am thrilled about. Giggle.

T. always trumps me, usually when she is not trying to.

We spoke on the phone this afternoon.

“I have an upset stomach,” I told her, “And feel kinda icky yuckyish.”

T. responded with, “I have an abscess in my tooth that without antibiotics will travel to my brain and kill me.”


Because T. is a single mother and thus can’t work hours and hours and hours and because, let’s face it, single mothers often have it really, really tough, she can’t afford to go to the dentist.  Neither can I really, but I do make sure to get in there for a cleaning/checkup once a year.  T. is also terrified of needles and has compromised breathing (bad asthma) so dental work is not an easy thing for her.  But mainly it is the cost.  Yes, there is the Portland Hotel Society’s free dental clinic but that can’t replace regular checkups and such, it just can”t.  So many people are walking around the Downtown Eastside missing teeth.  A national shame really.  So finally, she got some dental x-rays. She’ll probably have to have another tooth pulled and a whole bunch of dental work which she is hoping to get done at VGH, which will be covered.  Her abscess is considered a dental emergency so she is waiting to hear.  Until then, she is on antibiotics.  Once again, I ask naively and bitterly why some people get to have so much money and others don’t.  Crazy.

Turns out Maggie May’s mother, M., likes my blog!!!!!!!!!!  She really likes my blog!!!!!!!!!!!  Dig it.  DIG IT.  Now, wee wee fan base, don’t be offended as I am thrilled when anyone likes my blog.  We are all equal in my socialistic blog world but M. likes my blog!!!!!!!!!!  Aloha, I say.  M. is in Maui right now. And no, I am not sucking up so M. will invite me to Hawaii.  I have a 3 month job coming up after all.

What else?  As I say, I’m not feeling great today so lay around even more than usual.  Uh well.  I hate being nauseous, it makes eating less enjoyable.

I started reading, “Elizabeth and Hazel,” a non-fiction book I got out of the library.  It’s about two 15-year-olds in Little Rock, Arkansas in 1957.  One, Elizabeth, was a girl trying to desegregate Little Rock Central High School and in a famous photograph, Hazel is seen behind her, her face twisted in rage and disgust, shouting.  A few years later, Hazel would apologize to Elizabeth and become heavily involved in activism.  Wow.

And then I am surrounded by lots of other books and magazines, as per usual.  Soothing really.

I went to mindfulness meditation again this morning.  It was more difficult today.  The rather edgy sometime leader (I like the other one better, she isn’t edgy) always mentions afterwards that we should try and meditate with both feet on the floor. I tend to sit cross-legged.  What I wanted to say was, ‘I’m amazed that I can sit for 40 minutes without moving and banging my head against the wall so really, how I sit, let’s not obsess.”  Hmmm.

I think her heart is in the right place though.

Lots of folks were coughing and sniffling and sneezing in the room today too.  Sniffle, cough, sniffle.  There was discussion of an upcoming celebration of Buddha’s birthday.  “Of his birth and death,” said edgy leader.  And, so trained am I, I always wait for the ‘and resurrected.’  Ha.

Don’t get me wrong, I appreciate the meditation and those who kindly run it.

Now I’m off to a non-churchy thing at the church.  Rev. Beth says we’re starting with a little meditation or a little labryinth walking.

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