Overbiked me thinks

Hello, wee wee fan base (also known as:  small fan base). Well, the sunny and warm days are rolling out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Twas hot yesterday (20C) and even hotter today.  I am going to sit on Kits beach in a minute, perhaps in the shade this time.  I think I got a little heat exhaustion from yesterday.  I had a lovely afternoon sitting at the beach with C. and her dog and then had coffee with Karen Moe (two names given so you know that I am not talking about myself).  I worked with her for many years at the corporation and now she is running her own dog photography/people portraits business and doing quite well too.  She took the self-employment program through EI after she left the corporation. She is already an artist and such so it’s an excellent fit.  She puts in mega hours and I’m quite proud of her, sniffle.  Now mind you, I hadn’t really eaten that much yesterday when I saw her – something about overbiking and heat makes me not so hungry.  But wowza was I ever dizzy/zoned out with her.  So after a little while I headed home and stopped at a Japanese place to buy some overpriced takeout.  This I should not do when I’m not reallly so much employed.  The expensive part is the vegetable tempura – which I love love love.  Or raher, let’s be honest, I love the breading.  And some beef teriyaki = a lot o money.  Twas needed though in my tummy.  I need to stop messing with the not eating right as it well, messes me up.  Why am I so dizzy/lightheaded/fainty?  I wonder.  Oh yes, I haven’t eaten in three days, that might be it.  Then I have to eat stuff like veggie dogs from the Trout Lake canteen.  Lord have mercy.

Speaking of eating, tomorrow is my first meeting for my job that officially starts May 22, after the long weekend.  It is at, and I know I’ve mentioned this but bear with me as I’ve never evver had a lunch meeting before, the Sage Bistro at UBC’s University Centre. Wowza – I looked up their menu online and it is posh and expensive.  I wonder if they have a set lunch for these types of meetings – no fish!  no fish! people and there is a whole lot of fish up there at that bistro.  I’m even going to dress up all businessy – well, out of my shorts anyway.  (Phew, says the wee wee fan base).  I have some great skirts actually accumulated from WHEN I HAD A JOB but not really shoes or tops to go with them.  Alas, I’m not going to be buying a lot of clothes since my jobs is temporary. So I hope that I learn more about the job and get a good idea on how to start prepping.  I’m a tiche nervous about that – as I say, there is no curriculum whatsoever,  just some very general guidelines.  I want a key or something to a photocopier so I can come up this week and like photocopy and such.  Mind you, you never really know what you know till you see the whites of the students’ eyes.

Oh!  And Kits. pool, which should be open today since it is so nice out, is opening on Saturday.  I’m hoping the weather holds.

Speaking of changes (well, I was originally but then I deleted some of it)- NBC cancelled the brand new series,”Awake.” Now I’ve seen a whole lot o tv shows in my time, starting with Sesame Street (which thankfully has not been cancelled yet.  Knock wood!!!!  Wood knock!!!!!) to the Waltons (like manna from heaven) to thirtysomething (Maggie May loves this show more than I do, as does Gail) to Greys Anatomy (really?  A plane crash?  My theory is that Arizona will be a paraplegic and have a super hard time dealing with that which will be shown when she is caring for her and Callie’s baby and drops something and can’t pick it up.  This will take up all of next season.  Lexie is the one who will die I think (some major character does but not the original six we are told).  Alex will stick around Seattle Grace to help out Arizona and the rest of the gang will stay too in order to properly process Lexie’s death and help to push Arizona’s wheelchair. (wow, that was insensitive) and Iknow for crappy TV and have watched it to soothe my soul.  But Awake was really, really good. It had a kind of science fictiony concept which I don’t usually like but it also was a procedural detective drama, a drama about a family and a drama about a man living in two worlds and not knowing which one was real.  A great cast, even the actress who played his wife who of course was too young for that role was excellent.  It had me riveted, partly because you never knew what was real and what wasn’t and there were clues everywhere.  So, of course, because it was intelligent and different, it was cancelled. Sigh.  Two more episodes I think.

Back in the day – TV had a chance to build an audience – heck, thirtysomething wasn’t that popular its first season.

Anyway, you can find Awake online and you might want to watch all 13 of its episodes, in order.

Uh well, life goes on.

I’m going to go sit on the beach.

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