Conquered those there hills

‘Achoo!” I say today, over and over.  Hmmm.

Sheesh, do you ever have those just before waking up kinda nightmares where you can’t quite wake up but think you are awake but can’t quite get there and such?  I get this once in awhile and I HATE IT.  I had this this morning and I kept going back into a dream where I was in Saudi Arabia with a couple who were forever forced to not leave their home, even for water.  I think I am often thirsty in the night.

These people just walked under my window and the woman said, ‘I didn’t say anything when she said it but I was SO shocked.  It was like this massive . . .”  That’s all I heard.  So interesting.

So yeah, weird nightmarey thing and then when I do wake up (which I am grateful for) it’s all surreally all day.  Yuck.  I’d almost rather stay up all night then deal with that.

So in that state (er, province) I prepped a bit for next week and then decided to go for an epic bike ride.  I’ll give that to anxiety and feeling surreal – it fuels my ability to bike a long way.  I did the (I think) 20 mile (are we not in Canada?  Kilometres, come on) or 25 mile UBC-NW Marine Drive-41st Avenue and back lo0p with many many up hill hills.  Many there were many.  And finally, there were many.  And honestly, I barely broke a sweat but I did huff and puff.  Not because I am in epic shape but because of the anxiety in my body.  So that’s a postive side of it all.  Yup.  I will tone down on cycling once the Kits. pool swimming begins.

So my brain is exhausted and I’m not looking forward to going to sleep tonight for fear of the yucky nightmare-ish thing.  They tend to happen in the morning though so I will set my alarm so that will at least stop it if it is going on.

Oh, the sub-conscious mind can be a dangerous thing.

Hmmm. If you have a friend who is totally blowing you off, do you say, hey, why is it that you are blowing me off or do you leave it.  Me thinks I better leave it.

Another beautiful and sunny day here in Vancouver.  Just checked the forecast and Sat. will be up to 17C.  A bit chilly for the first day of Kits pool but not too bad.  The low is 7 though so must get in before nightfall.

I’m so ready to start this job.  Enough of me, myself and I already.

Oh and rumour was (per a long term tenant) that the other of my wee building is thinking of selling.  Makes sense – I mean she had the roof repaired, just had some interior painting.  So I saw her today and said, “Hi, lots of repairs.  Are you thinking of selling?” She looked stunned, hesitated, looked stunned, said, ‘oh no.’  Hmmm.

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