hello, temporary boss

Wee fanbase!  My new temporary boss, M, is going to check out my blog!!!!!!  Eeek.  So I am welcoming him with this uber short entry.

This is the 2nd UBC boss who has had a wee interest in reading my writings.  Sniffle.

M. is my boss for 5 weeks and 2 days more and then I guess again next year if I haven’t found a job within the next 9 months.  Hmmm, of course I’ll be living on the street by then but what can you do.

My Mormon commenting on their weird blog obsession is getting somewhat (more) over the top.  I need a hobby it is obvious.

Suddenly I am craving potato salad.

Anyway, off to swim at Kits. Pool, then maybe a short nap then back up to UBC for a goodbye to the students swanky dinner although they aren’t actually leaving till Friday.  It’s kind of a drawn out thing – goodbyes tomorrow and Friday.  Goodbye, goodbye, goodbye type thing.

Wee fan base, please welcome M. to the blog.  His stay may be short but we like him because he hired me.  Oh and he’s uber young and enjoys my discussing Sister Wives and he likes Justin Bieber’s music, which fascinates me.  I must give Justin a chance.

Oh and the LAST episodes of Sister Wives for the season are on Sunday.  And Nurse Jackie and the Big C are done too.  And I desperately need physio and/or a massage to help loosen the tight muscles near my right shoulder – OWWWWWWW!!!!!!!!! Please give me the $ for this.  Kindly, ha and ha.

must go down the slide now at the pool and they won’t let me bring my computer with me. odd really.


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