Overchipped, definitely over-Mormoned

25 Jun

I should not ever buy chips larger than one of those wee small bags.  Last week at Costco with The Glenda who has the Costco card, they had a darned two pack good price thingy so I bought a huge bag of Ruffles rippled and a huge bags of taco-ey chips.  I KNOW THAT THIS IS A MISTAKE OF EPIC PROPORTIONS.  This is a mistake of large proportions.

I have no control.  Yesterday here is what I ate: toast, an egg, an apple, strawberry shortcake with both ice cream and whipped cream (at the strawberry festival at  a seniors’ manor in the West End), potato chips, chips, chips, chips, chips, chips, leftover macaroni and cheese and a $10 salad from the box.  Last evening, shockingly, I was tummy upset and had to be you know, near the washroom. No idea why really.  none at all.

I had been overchipping all week.  At one point I’d even thrown the bag in the garbage but RETRIEVED IT LATER.

So today I haven’t eaten much but that messes up my blood sugar levels.  I am now making brown rice.  I know I must never buy chips.  I am temporarily sick of chips now and kinda temporarily sick.

Despite this, I am getting my swimming mojo back.  Had a lovely swim at Kits pool this afternoon and The Glenda was there.

Did she want to go for nacho (chips) after the swim?  I asked.  We eventuallly decided not to.

I think I’m happy to have this week off in between Explore programs.  I don’t go back until July 3rd.  I get EI for this week so while that is very little, that is still nice.  Then back for 8 weeks of work and then as I say, nadda, nothing and nyet.  Getting my savings ready to go and go and go.

Overchipped.  Way overchipped.

Also, the Mormon thing.  I am now having back and forth commenting on a Mormon blog. The thing is, Mormons seem so so nice and I think they are mainly because they don’t delve too deeply into what Joseph Smith really said and did and what their modern day prophets say and do.

I readily admit to having a form of OCD (not the obsessive cleaning one sadly) and also to being a contrarian.  It’s bizarre how absolutely obsessed I’ve become with expressing my opinions on this blog, even though I know no Mormon shall be unMormoned due to anything I say or do or think or write.  And still I keep going back.  I think my brain needs more intellectual stimulation really.

The weather is going to be nice tomorrow apparently so that will be good.  I’m actually going to go to my writers’ group tomorrow evening!  It’s at the Glenda’s and she’s making up some veggie burgers.  Thank you, The Glenda.

I need to widen my social circle, not really sure at all how to do that but I do know that becoming a Mormon is not so much the way to go, ha. Next up: infiltrating Scientology.

Oh and back to the Explore students – darned if thy didn’t make and give me a giant card that most signed except for the student who was so mad at me because he got zero on the presentation he chose to skip.  I was shocked by the card actually.  The students just seemed bored and vaguely ticked off all session but now I realize that most of that had nothing to do with me, something that boss M. had been telling me.  Now I know and next session should be much easier, me thinks.  Three of the teachers are either vacationing or going to ELI (I NEED A MASTERS OR TO BE WORKING ON A MASTERS TO BE DOING ANYTHING OTHER THAN THE SUMMER SHORT PROGRAMS) so we will be getting three fresh off the interview new teachers.  I think it’s not easy finding folks who will work for just 5 weeks.  Hopefully they will fit in as well as the others did.  I trust that M. will pick some good ones.  I trust him and I like his form of being a boss which is nice actually.

The last Sister Wives for the season is on now!  Oh yikes Meri is crying yet again.

5 Responses to “Overchipped, definitely over-Mormoned”

  1. Gail June 25, 2012 at 2:31 am #

    Not Mormon but you should get this book from the library.


    • jobsearchinginvancouver June 25, 2012 at 2:54 am #

      OMG. It is appaently available at Kits library. I shall pick it up tomorrow. I thank you, Gail. I thank you. JW’s are an even tougher nut to crack apparently.

      • Gail July 19, 2012 at 11:06 am #

        and another one for you to get – this one’s a work of fiction – The 19th Wife.

  2. Mrs. I Define Me December 11, 2012 at 2:54 am #

    Actually Karen, I have been surprisingly entertained by my reading of your blog so far. I’m not just sayin this to get you read my blog either, because I think that my blog is definitely not for you – it will just get you mad, raise your blood pressure, and boggle your mind. But, since I’m really not phased by your attitude towards, and comments against the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, I can overlook all that and still feel a kinship with you because of your honesty and ability to express yourself.

    I feel for you and your unemployed situation, and I hope you can find something soon.

    I’ll finish reading some more of your posts later – I’ve gotta run to Costco……for some reason I’m totally craving some CHIPS.

    PS – you mentioned brown rice? — get this, Costco has some wonderful chips that are made from brown rice! Really! Great with some avocado dip. YUMM

    • jobsearchinginvancouver December 11, 2012 at 5:50 am #

      Hi, Mrs. IDM! Thanks for reading my blog and for your encouragement about my job situation. It is difficult that is for sure! And way too much time for me to sit around . . .
      Thanks for the compliment about my blog – I’m glad you are entertained by it!
      Funny about the chips. I have heard of these brown rice chips – think I had some a few times. And baked chips seems to be all the rage now – but I don’t like them – they taste like cardboard. Also, I read somewhere that they aren’t made in a way that is any healthier than regular chips.

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