long time no post I must say

I haven’t been super busy or anything, just haven’t been posting.

I have a little more than 2 weeks left teaching Explore at UBC and then right into the 3 week English for the Global Citizen at ELI at UBC. And then I’ll be done on August 24th, thrust again into the land of the unemployed.  I will be teaching a once a week evening Business English course at Langara College for 8 weeks starting in October, so that’s good. But other than that, no idea yet again.  ESL seaason is winding down but I’ve sent out my revamped resume to different places but who knows. I’m hoping not to have to live on my (small amount of) savings for too too long. 

A few of the folks I used to work with at the corporation – 3 to be exact – are now working at another downtown school that has the exact same initials as the corporation except for one letter.  Tis how international school works – most are blah blah international college, with the word college being used very very loosely. I was quite shocked that one of them has gone back to that world – she had vowed never to.  Uh well.  Luckily for me in a way, the international schools are wrapping up their busy season and laying people off so that I don’t have to live that particular nightmare again.  But I get why folks are choosing to go back – the need for a job, for routine, socializing, money to live on, etc.  I have the exact same needs of course if not more so – sitting around for me is so so bad.

The Explore program, I am not going to kid you, is most definitely not for the faint of heart to teach for many reasons none of which I will go into here!  Don’t want to be seen as anything less than super positive about teaching up at UBC.  But it is by far, by far, the most exhausting teaching I’ve done in 13 years.  But having said that, I still vastly prefer it to the radical boredom I came to feel at the corporation.  For me and I of course only speak for me, that radical boredom transfers to any downtown international school, and the pay would be almost non-existent.  At UBC, I’ve managed to save a bit for the next round of unemployment, which is nice but which, yes, will go quickly.  I’m also LOVING the building I am teaching out of – at UBC, you kinda get moved to whatever classroom in whatever building is available.  So for four of these five weeks it is at the Sauder School of Business – well, just two of the five classes of which i am one.  Swanky-o-rama.  Built in computer and two projectors and all sorts.  Well-modulated air conditioning and lots of windows.  Not bad, not bad at all.  Makes me feel like a professor.  The other four teachers are unfortunately stuck in the Math building which is apparently far less swanky.

I’ve been insomniaing again a lot a lot and such.  So today I went for a massive bike ride – first I rode to UBC and then after down to 43rd and NW Marine Drive and up hills and hills and hills and a few hills and back.  I may not sleep well still, but a few hours after I am SO MUCH calmer it is amazing.  When I used to jog that had the same effect.  I have to remember this and I have to do this every day.  Might rid me of the muffin top eventually too, though one can’t spot lose fat.

Have you ever seen yourself on video?  Yikes, that is terrifying!

My awesome 15-year-old niece, C, lives in Ottawa.  She is off this week with Global Expeditions Mexico Baja on a sort of mission trip.  I’m proud I have to say.  It’s amazing how emotions sneak up.  Global has a FB page and are posting photos of the kids (haven’t seen her pic yet) and each time I look I just cry and cry (not in a bad way!).  There are some things that are deeper than words.  It is a rare thing to find a teenager who will raise the money and head out on such an adventure.  She’ll never forget this and neither will I. Well, until my memory fails and I only remember that I like orange jello.

I need a job that doesn’t end!  Uh yes, that too shall come.