Long time no see

And i was just asea.  Ha. ha ha.

and ha.

I came to Hornby Island today.  Hornby Island is a Gulf Island on the coast of BC.  From Vancouver, I took two buses to Horseshoe Bay, then a ferry to Nanaimo.  Then the lovely the Glenda! and her sister picked me up as they were dropping of the Glenda daughter.  We then drove an hour and took two more ferries and here we are.


Glenda and her husband have a lovely piece of property out here and a lovely modular home they shipped in last year.  It is peaceful out here and there is a free store!!!!!  And a bakery with cinnamon buns.  And old hippies.  And etc.

Right now, the Glenda is playing the new version of Clue with her friend and her friend”s 10 year old daughter who has never played it.  “”I love this game,” the daughter just said now.  Fun.  Cozy.  And a bit chilly I must say.  I for some reason thought it would be hot hot and so only brought shorts and sleeveless shirts.  Borrowing sweaters.  Brrr.

I haven’t been out of the city for nearly a year – holy cow since I used to travel so much.  Uh yes, twas when I had a job.  Oh, the salad days.

I just finished up my 13 week gig at the pedastalized UBC and am now, well, unemployed again.  Sigh.  There’s not much out there now as it is the low-ish time for ESL.  I’m about out of EI too.  Let us not panic.

I am getting a bit more focus though – I”ve decided to stay in ESL I guess and am pretty sure I will try and get into the accredited online Masters in Education with a focus on TESOL from the University of Southern Queensland in Australia.  I never actually have to go to Australia.  Rather, I need to complete 8 courses over 4 years.  Very expensive – each course plus books is about $2500.  x 8.  Eeek.  But I would do it slowly so it is less painful.  wow, I haven’t studied in years and years!   Brain atrophy I’m sure.

So at least I will be doing something, although not doing anything to make money unfortunately.  Not sure that the Masters will get me more work but at least it gets me some kind of direction.

I need a direction.  I’ve just been finished work for less than a week and I’m going nuts.  I’m not good at the unemployment.  If I knew it would end, then I’d feel better about it.  Many, many hours alone, not doing much but obsessively riding my bicycle.  I want to ride my bicycle!  Gosh I’m in shape but I am a fairweather cyclist only!

So the Glenda was kind enough to invite me over to Hornby.  I think I will stay till Sunday if Gloria and Glenda don’t kick me out before then!  This is good because I hadn’t been looking forward to another long weekend alone in the city.  Loneliness is tough I must say.

Wow my thigh muscles have grown from all of the biking!

So, I’ll be back to more blogging now that unemployment has kicked in again. If I didn’t have a bit o savings I’d be a freaking out.  Of course savings go like water  but still.  I managed to save a bit from my UBC gig which is helpful.  I might even cut off cable tv!  eeek!  Well, most things are found online these days but eeek.  Fall nights with no tv?  Hmmmm.

I would like to welcome myself back.

Tomorrow:  the free store!